Is there room for multiple religions to be correct?

Asked by: VeniVidiVicii
  • The world of true love

    Each true religion is supposed to have originated from the heaven, a world of true happiness and true love, and then, it has been translated regarding the culture and traditions of people who have been following it. Therefore, the room of multiple true religions is the heaven which is correct.

  • Different Paths to One Mountaintop

    I believe the various religions are culturally conditioned responses to the same transcendent reality, all religious paths are culturally and historically influenced, but they all ultimately lead to the same destination, they are just different paths to the same mountaintop, so to speak. Many religions appear to make mutually contradictory truth claims, but that is because they are different ways of experiencing, conceiving and living in relation to an ultimate divine Reality, which transcends all our varied visions of it. Absolute truth claims about God are really truth claims about perceptions of God, just as it is with scientific knowledge, the underlying reality in and of itself, remains unknown.

    Even when they are raised in the same culture, people differ, and since religion is universal, it must try to speak to the needs of all, so it necessarily spreads out in almost endless diversity even within the same tradition. In the end, every religion is a blend of universal principles and local setting, the principles, when isolated from the culture, speak to the essence of man's common humanity, and the apparently conflicting diverse paths all lead to the same destination.

  • Modern Religions show this to be possible.

    To start I would like to clarify 'correct': I mean it in two ways. Correct as in having the possibility of multiple religious paths being followed by one person, and Correct in the theoretical aspect that one day we may discover evidence proving aspects of religions. (Eg. Existence of spirits, gods, magic etc.)

    Neo-Paganism definition: "a modern religious movement which seeks to incorporate beliefs or ritual practices from traditions outside the main world religions, especially those of pre-Christian Europe and North America."

    Pagans, Wiccans and other Eclectic religious people are evidence that drawing aspects from different religions is completely within reason. If one aspect of a religion can be true, and an aspect of another be also true, then the two could come together on common ground, and both be followed by a person.

    For example; Eclectic Pagans and Wiccans draw upon gods from different pantheons. One might ask for the favour of Zeus one day, then Thoth the next (but never together). They also draw upon beliefs of Animism ("the worldview that non-human entities—such as animals, plants, and inanimate objects—possess a spiritual essence.") and Shamanistic practices from both European and North American religions. This combination of beliefs and practices shows the possibility of multiple religions being compatible and 'correct' in different ways.

  • Religions are pointless!.

    Religions have only divided and caused many premature deaths across the world!!. All religions are, are peoples opinions of how we ought live our lives!. They are followed by the mindless, fanatical, brainwashed people of the world!!!. Sad really, we could have a great planet without them!, however, well just look around you to see the damage they have caused!!!.

    Posted by: PTW
  • They can't all be right, but they can all be wrong.

    There have been thousands of religions over thousands of years and all have been myths. We can't credit any of these religions, past or present, as being more credible than the others simply because of the faith of the adherents. We can't rely on adherents' willingness to die for their faith. We can't rely on claimed changes in people's lives or the good works they do on account of their religion. None of them have arguments which are unequivocally superior to any other. None have supporting empirical evidence which is stronger than any other (and any religion which insists on the need for "faith" has no business trying to make itself out to be superior on the basis of empirical evidence anyway).

  • All religions have some differences to them, so it's not likely that they're all correct.

    All of the major religions have some differences that sets them apart, like Christianity's salvation from sin or Islam's surrendering your will to Allah, so it's not likely that all of them are correct. On top of that, but some religions are incompatible with each other, esp. Abrahamic faiths and non-Abrahamic faiths. There could be possibly some grain of truth to each of them, but it's very doubtful , to put it mildly, that they could all be right or in agreement about everything.

  • Perhaps but i'm thinking no.

    I like how "Sidewalker" respond. Since we don't really know of the outcome of many of these religions, i don't think we should cancel out the possibilities of any of them.

    You made a good point when you said some of them tend to contradict truth claim.

    The way i see this, from all of those religious story we have today. I think that at some point there was a clear story of an existence God. Most of the religion claim that God has an enemy. For the fact that this phenomenal story has existed through our history. And is still the number one major issue we have today, one cannot simply deny the existence of a God. We human do not have any history more talked about, more exploited, more engage in then religion. Today billions of humans are absolutely convince that we Have a God. The discussion of an existing God has been around far longer than science, far longer then any knowledgeable method of thinking we have invented. And frankly even tho our new generation is more into religion than the old. Most of them are not even award of this. We just consider it with different titles.

    Sure all of these story must have been disseminated wrongly. But finding it, the real story will be extremely hard, information is easy to get today, but the truth is getting to impossible to find.

    There is one story behind all of this. And i am convince that story is true. And that someone have manipulate it so that the real story can mix with the false once. We will find the truth story, it's just a matter of time.

  • It Entails Contradiction

    I believe there is truth to be found across various religions and it is a fact that there are elements several religions share similarities. But even supposing all religions and their tenets, rituals and sacred books are validated by God it won't remove the fact that religions contradict themselves in many areas; in fact, multiple denominations of the same religion contradict themselves (eg the Catholic Church and some evangelical Pentecostals on creation).

  • It sounds nice, but it is unlikely.

    I don't really have to point out that the most prominent religions have drastically conflicting views. Muslims, Christians and Jew have always had different ideas on God's nature (if he even exists) and what he will/won't allow his people to do. For example, muslims can't eat pork. There are at least ten religions that probably don't have this as a rule. Not only this, but Jews don't think that Jesus ever existed, so Christians and Jews cannot both be right.
    There are monotheistic religions, there are polytheistic religions. There are animal and human sacrifices in some, and others forbid it. In fact, Buddhism doesn't allow harming life at all (and they don't have a specific deity to honor.)
    Overall, there are many aspects that conflict in other religions, which makes it almost impossible for multiple religions to be right. If they were more similar than maybe they wouldn't have to fight with each other.

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