Is there severe persecution of Christians internationally?

Asked by: justin.graves
  • Yes, and the other side is clearly bigoted.

    The Coptic Christian of Egypt has been subjected to widespread violence through murder, rape, arson, and terrorism. Tens of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee Syria where they faced death at the hands of the "rebels." After the fall of Saddam's regime, Islamists have destroyed or forced out all but a small number Christians and only 57 churches remain in the country. In North Korea it is outlawed and Saudi Arabia, like many Muslim nations give death to those who convert to it. This loathsome bunch on the opposite side are quick to forget the atrocities in Darfur and probably don't have a clue about the situation in Nigeria where Muslim mobs go rampaging with cutlasses and clubs killing Christians and torching their homes and churches. They seem to forget the 200,000 dead in multiple massacres carried out in East Timor. These are just a few points. The other side relies solely on bigotry and the claim that Christians of the 21st century deserve death because of Christians centuries before them and pardon me if I balk.

  • Millions have been killed. Millions more imprisoned.

    150,000 Christians are murdered internationally every year because of their faith. And a lot more have been imprisoned. 35 million Christians have been killed for their faith in the past 100 years alone. More than any other specific religious, cultural, or racial group. In Rwanda alone, 500,000 of the 700,000 Christians were rounded up and slaughtered in 1994. Yes, Christian persecution exists. There is more persecution against Christians than against Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals, and Gypsies COMBINED.

  • Many groups are persecuted, but yes.

    Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sanatana Dharmists (Hindus), Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and others are all persecuted. Oh, and pagans. Boy howdy, they have so much persecution against them. It annoys me when people isolate a religion or belief and say that it is persecuted more than others. I know you probably do not mean to imply this, but that is what I see. Let's all stop the hate. Salaam wa hab (peace and love in Arabic).

  • Christians enjoy special privileges in many countries, including my own.

    I’d rather take days off work when I choose rather than have Christians dictate to me when I can have a day off. Next year, here in England, the Christians are forcing me to take 18 and 21 April (Easter) and 25 and 26 December (Christmas) to celebrate their festivals, whether I want to or not.

  • No more than any other group.

    The whining of the majority aside, there is no more persecution of any one religion worldwide than another. Confirmation bias plays heavily into these claims, as well as the sever inflation of numbers by considering anyone of certain nations or ethnic groups automatically part of that religion.

    Frankly it's a little bit sick to listen to Christians act as though they are being specially singled out and persecuted when they have slaughtered a higher percentage of the population over the years than anyone else.

  • Another Christian QQ question?

    Seriously? Another one?

    33% of this world is Christian, which is the biggest religion in the world. I'd be surprised if Christians did NOT have the highest death number. There is not enough of a majority of Christians nowadys to bully the rest of the world like in the Crusades and Reconquista era, but the moment they can't bully others they start feeling like these "victims". It's, disconcerting.

    I would give some credit to modern Christians for being somewhat more peaceful than in the past, but no religious group can ever get rid of their confirmation bias and arrogance.

  • Are you kidding..?

    Christians inhabit the planet in mass quantities and reproduce constantly. As an atheist, I have been discriminated against, assaulted, insulted, and all manner of vile things. Not once have I seen a Christian discriminated against. Not. Once. Now, am I saying they aren't at all? Of course not! In Islamic countries, I'm sure they are. But on a world scale? No. Not even close. They are not in the least bit persecuted outside of the Middle East. This shouldn't even have to be asked unless you watch Fox News all day and think all the "War on Christmas" propaganda is true.

  • Of course not!

    Okay sure, there are and have been places where Christians are persecuted, but you can find that with any religion. Christianity has been the dominant world religion for thousands of years, and for much of that they were severely persecuting all other religions. This is fortunately no longer the case but they are still dominant enough to prevent "severe persecution internationally".

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