• Think about disabled Christians, See it from their perspective, Feel their pain

    We need a Civil and Frank debate about the topic of Sexual Relations in Heaven for Christians, Sex is Not just about procreation, But about pleasure. The late Christian leader Billy Graham had an open mind about the possibility of Saved Christians enjoying Sex in Heaven, Think about the countless Christians who are disabled, Or with Mental illness, Social Awkwardness, Etc or for whatever reason they are unable to have good Sex Lives in this Life, They are often unable to find willing Sexual Partners or even get a date, To make things worse, Much worse, Sometimes they live in Sexually Repressed Nations like the USA that stupidly Outlaw Prostitution for Consenting adults, Forcing countless disabled, Mentally ill and other Sex Starved Christians to endure a Sexless Miserable Existence, At least when these Christians ultimately die, In Heaven they should be able to have the Sex and intimate relationships that they were unable to have in their Earthly lives, At least that, At least that, It's about Sex, But also about Love, Companionship, Relationships, Let's be clear, There is No Sex in Hell, The Bible and Jesus describe Hell as a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth, Not a Fun Place, Not a Party, A place of Suffering and Separation from God, Since many Mainstream Christians believe that everything we enjoy of Earthly life exists in Heaven, Why should Sex be the only thing of Earthly life to Not Exist in Heaven? Countless Christians want there to be Sex in Heaven, Even if they don't say it, In the Christian Heaven, No one should ever be lonely or starving for Sex or Intimate Relationships, Think about the countless disabled, Mentally ill, Socially Awkward, And other lonely Christians who are starving for Sex, Give them Hope about Sex in Heaven! Listen to the arguments by other Mainstream Christians who argue in support of Sexual Intercourse and Lovemaking in the Afterlife, Heaven for Saved Christians will be about many things, Not just Sex, But I do believe Saved Christians will enjoy Sex in Heaven, Especially Christians who could rarely get Sex in their Earthly lives

  • I think so, Saved Christians will enjoy Sex in Heaven

    My opinion here is from a Mainstream Evangelical Protestant point of view
    Mormonism aka the Mormon Church, LDS, Latter Day Saints teaches that Sexual Intercourse exists in Heaven, But from a Mainstream Christian point of view I think saved Christians will enjoy Sexual Relations in Heaven, In recent years several mainstream Christians
    have written books and online articles explaining why they believe Sexual Intercourse and Lovemaking will exist in Heaven for Saved Christians

  • I think so

    Now while not much is known about heaven. . . Sex is an act created by god and its not a bad one either as long as its in marriage. All I know is that no sin is in heaven and I'm pretty sure everything else is there. . So it probably is.

  • Are you serious?

    This is very offensive to many religions. I hope this gets taken down. Sex is offensive to Christians, And it is a sin to commit acts like this. I am reporting this opinion. Hope you go to hell kid. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Jesus literally answered this question in Matthew 22 when asked a trick question by religious officials.

    Matthew 22 details Jesus' answer to the Sadducees' attempt to trap him with this question. His answer? No one will be marry or be given in marraige in heaven. Not only this but we will have no need, Physically or mentally of it. The only reason we cannot conceive of an eternity without sex is because our mortal brains are hardwired to desire it. And yes, There is a pleasure aspect to it, But the act of sex is inextricably linked to the bearing of offspring. Without the need to reproduce, Pleasure can realistically be found elsewhere, Even if it is slower to achieve than in sex. The point is that relationship and the satisfaction of having a firm and unbreakable fellowship with God will supplant sexual pleasure. In fact in the new testament spousal relations are often used as a metaphor for the union of God and man.

  • No they become like angels and have no need to

    So Jesus was asked this question. This lady was a 7 times widow. Who will she belong to and you know?
    Jesus said that they are like angels and they have no need to procreate.

    Some people could not accept that.

    You will not have children and you will not procreate like crazy. Likewise in hell people will not be partying they will also be celibate in there.

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