Is there some posters who post on Debate. Org attempting to commandeer this site

Asked by: Lookingatissues
  • Obviously and unfortunately yes!

    The whole site is being bombarded with worthless, Disruptive posts. It would be really helpful if managers would respond with more diligence, To remove these posts as quickly as possible. It is clearly obvious which posts are genuine and which ones are bogus, So removing them should not be difficult.

  • This posting site has been commandeered by a poster

    Never have I seen so many entries that would more properly be posted on a " Letters to the love- lost, " type posting sites than I have recently observed posted on Debate. Org. This Is happening, Apparently because some posters whom they disagree they propose to silence by flooding this site with bogus posts just to frustrate those other posters into giving up on this posting site and move on to another posting site, Does anyone else feel the same way.

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