Is there still a lot of anti-semitism and other kinds of racism today?

  • The picture says it all.

    "We are the future of America." These words imply racism on the part of the latino boy. Couldn't the future of America be free from ethnic prejudice? Not with ones like him who want to take over America as group, united by speaking Spanish rather than shared beliefs of what the nation should be like in the future (which could transcend race).
    I'd like to point out however, that the GOP is not racist. What is so racist about trying to uphold our nation's laws? Are there racists in the GOP? Certainly. There are also racists amongst the democrats (unless you think the record-setting black turnout and 97% black support for Obama in 2008 was coincidental). Lastly, I'd like to point out that Hispanic is not a race. It is classified by the census as an ethnicity, however it is really a cultural group. The Hispanic ethnicity includes everything from blonde-hair/blue-eyes to 100% native Mexican. It is actually more diverse than the white race.
    As for anti-Semitism, it's still there, but it doesn't amount to much besides calling people pick coins off the ground Jews. I don't see serious hatred there.

  • Beliefs are not fact based.

    Anti-semitism and racism are based primarily on a lack of knowledge. When questioned about the cause of their belief the racist or anti-Semitic will not have a logical or fact-based response. Once a person has investigated and learned about the causes and effects of anti-semitism or racism most will no longer support their previous beliefs. However, there will always be a small percentage that feel justified in their beliefs based on their own unique circumstances.

  • There always will be racism

    Racism is such an ugly word but I am afraid there will always be racism. Where there iis ever one person who feels superior to another, racism will exist. When one race is allowed to be on television and put down another race all in the name of comedy, there will be racism. I do believe that the tides of racism is changing. It is becoming on the "other foot" so to say. As one race grows in population, it is over looked at what is said all out of a fear of showing racism if anyone tries to show that the words and actions are the same racism that has been shown in past history.

  • In Spite of Modern Society, Hatred Still Exists

    Look at the ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia and the Trayvon Martin case in Florida--racism is alive and well in today's society. Unfortunately, antiquated ideas perpetuated by fear continue to harbor racist feelings against Jews, Muslims, blacks, Hispanics and more. Anti-Semitism is most prominent in the Arab world as many cultures preach anti-Israeli sentiments in Iran and Palestine.

  • Yes there is

    This is a world full of hate, distrust, and bigotry. Many people and groups by their very nature fear and hate anything that they do not understand or that is unlike them. Also many racial and social groups fear the loss of power they may have to "minority" groups and those unlike them.

  • There is

    In the world, hate and racism in general are still wide scale and rampant. Humans as a species are a very hateful lot. Many will fear and hate anything different than themselves because they do not understand that being. It is a truly sad state in the world when we spend so much energy in following hate.

  • Yes there is.

    There is still a lot of anti-semitism and other kinds of racism today. While it is not as in your face in the general media like it has been in the past, it is definitely still out there. Racism and hatred of other groups will be something that never goes away.

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