Is there still an issue with discrimination of Native American Indians in the US? Have you had any personal experiences, good or bad?

Asked by: polag
  • I come from a town on the border of a reservation and yes

    My High School was predominately native American and I have seen it and even experienced it. Many reservations are plague by poverty and other issues such as alcoholism and violence. While racism was present in my town it was something that we had to deal with when on a daily basis this couldn't function with open racism. On the other hand attitudes in nearby towns where quite different. Our sports teams often experienced less than fair treatment.

  • There will always be discrimination.

    Natives are still discriminated upon, just not as much as other minority groups such as Hispanics or African Americans. I've actually never witnessed any type of problems similar to this actually. Everyone's quite comfortable with Natives and if they're not, they usually don't directly state it. It's much more mellow.

  • I think there may be an issue.

    I am asking as I only have evidence from native american people speaking out about issues in documentaries etc., and I have never actually had any personal experiences with Native American Indian people. Have you ever had any experiences, good or bad, and have you seen any discrimination around you?

  • My fiancee is half Navajo, and she hasn't really had any issues.

    Her mother is full Navajo and teaches the language at a school, and, as a matter of fact, the only people that have ever discriminated against her were other Navajo students. Even though they were learning the language from her mother, they would chastise her for not being a "real" native.

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