Is there still morality to be found in modern cartoons?

  • Cartoons, last becon.

    The adult cartoons around today are probably the most honest call to morality we have. They are shining a light on all that is wrong in society.
    South Park leads the way in this. They are unbiased, unafraid and very funny. They hold a mirror to social media, pc, far left, far right and everything in between. They make us question the fabric of how we live, who we are and how we treat others. They are unafraid in a way no other shows seem to be anymore . They use the time proven method of humor to get serious messages across.

  • Cartoons are meant for entertainment

    Old cartoons technically don't have morals. However, many modern ones do. It's just that some cartoons are bad, and some are good. Stop expecting kids to see the characters as role models. Plus, if cartoons should be banned for being bad role models, should books such as Diary Of A Wimpy Kid be banned too? No! Overall, this argument is stupid.

  • Yup.

    All I watch is cartoons. They might have toilet humor or what not, but in more cases than not they always have a group of friends or family that stick together no matter what. If people these days were anything like cartoons the world would be a better place. Im convinced.

  • Absolutely.

    Most cartoons I see these days deliver clear messages about accepting others despite differences, supporting friends and family, telling the truth, admitting when you're wrong, and standing up and saying something when you see injustice. Sometimes they do involve violence, but the main character is usually the type who fights to protect the weak. Considering how the generation before me revolved around things like a coyote getting the crap beaten out of him every five minutes, I'd say cartoons are actually becoming increasingly oriented around teaching moral lessons.

    Posted by: Pazu
  • Feature film cartoons, generally, have some sort of moral lesson in them.

    Many animated movies seem to have an underlying lesson. The lesson may be that it is acceptable to be different from the crowd, or that even bad people can change their ways and be good. Some cartoons depict the main character as surly and unlikeable. As the movie progresses, he learns to make friends, and to be a friend. In most of these cartoons, there is some sort of battle between "good" and "evil". Thankfully, "good" always wins in the end. That is definitely the right message to send.

    Posted by: VenomousAllen90
  • Today's cartoons are loaded with moralistic messages, and their importance should not be downplayed.

    There is much morality to be found in works of artistic expression. Indeed, this is one of the main purposes of art as a whole: to describe to future generations what we valued as a culture. Childhood cartoons are not immune to this, as the artists that create them are products of our larger culture, and are therefore passing the moralistic messages they see onto the consumers of their art.

    Posted by: C0n5tGet
  • Yes, because some cartoons still contain positive moral scenarios.

    Most modern cartoons have protagonists that fight against "evil", especially in anime and other "action" cartoons. Many characters fight for the people of their region or homeland. When an evil force, typically a villain with an advanced degree, is suppressing the protagonist, the hero of the cartoon will fight him.

    Posted by: BigLacy
  • No there is not morality still found in modern cartoons.

    Modern cartoons no longer hold any moral stories or morality that teaches kids the affects that something might have on one another. Shows such as looney toons, tweety bird, marvin the martian, wiley coyote, they all taught you valuable life lessons about not giving up on your dreams and not letting someone push you down.

  • 90% of modern cartoons have no morals

    Most modern cartoons center about fart jokes and other toilet humor or about violence. Also they chose the wrong characters as the main characters. For instance Regular show has two main characters that back stab their friends all the time and refuse to do their job, since they are lazy slackers. That show teaches the following things:
    1. Having a job is a waste of time
    2. Rely on others t do your job
    3. Use and lie to your friends to get what you want
    4. You can do everything an you still won't get fired
    5. Mentally challenged people with brain tumors(Mr. Pops) are the best home entertainment
    I know that this show has a TV PG rating, but the majority of it's viewers are kids.
    If you want morals for your kids, you shouldn't let them watch shows from Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. Disney cartoons (the few they have) are a step forward and in my opinion and My Little pony: Friendship is magic is the best cartoon when it comes to morals...

  • I don't think so...

    At some point. Modern cartoons nowadays influences kids to act immoral and psychologically violent.. like some kids that I always encounter in our streets. even if they are kids there are times when they talk rudely. Just like in funny cartoons..

  • There is very little to no morality in modern cartoons, because so many of them are based around violence.

    There is no morality in cartoons, nowadays. Cartoons, today, seem to be centered around violence, and the morality that these cartoons could contain is drowned out by the large amount of volume of violence.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Cognitive dissonance doublethink

    Does no one see the cognitive dissonance embedded into practically every single cartoon? Take Steven universe, where the protagonist is caring and empathic at the same time following a do what thou wilt (disregard of parental authority) gender bender me first creed?!? What'sit gonna do to kids, when adults barely realize...

  • Teaches our children bad morals supported by liberal media.

    All the cartoons are stupid and dumb your children's brains. They also have gay and same sex propaganda. Look at Frozen and how the song "Let it go" is like letting go of your fears and coming out of the closet to be happy. This all goes back to the liberal media and them trying to shove immoral values down the throats of your children. They try to teach them what is wrong is actually good and what is moral is actually bad. I'm so disgusted with this world and the evil behind the scenes!

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