• United States the Protector of Peace and Security in the World

    Sadly the war on terror is justifiable even to this day and age. For many reasons but chiefly that the USA is the only nation in the world to commit large scale forces for altruistic, peacekeeping, and security purposes to maintain global stability. Other nations attempt to but are wholly incapable of following through with direct intervention and action to prevent atrocities and large scale human rights violations. If the USA was not waging war on terror and withdrew within its borders the world would implode into chaos and anarchy. The reason we spend twice as much on our military budget than all other nations combined is so that global stability has a chance, and to deprive rogue nations of the ability for military or economic conquest. Fostering global growth and prosperity.

  • You have got to be kidding.

    Terrorism is a poor mans' war. War is a rich man's terrorism. If thats so, then the "war on terror" is necessarily a class war being waged by the rich against the poor. As such, "the terrorists" are simply anyone that dares to question plutocratic power. We may not be quite at that point yet; but we soon will be as the class war accelerates.

  • With all the conspiracy theories and leaks that have happened,apart from Nyan cat, who can we trust with our security?

    I find it difficult to believe some of the atrocities and deception committed by government and non governmental party's, yet I don't want to believe the proof in front of my eyes.The uncensored internet in all its glory with all the conspiracy theories unsettles me and makes me wonder if i should just chuck all my faith at nyan cat

    Posted by: maow

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