• This totally exists!

    Ok, i was pretty good at arithmetic sometime in the past and invented a way to do really difficult square roots in my head -

    find a number which when multiplied by itself equals a number as close as possible to the desired number, so to find 110 we would use 10x10 = 100. Then halve the difference and place it after the decimal point so 10/2 = 5 so 10.5x10.5= 110.25

    That IS close right? Does that mean i'm close to being a superhuman calculater??

  • Yes, but you have to use more of your brain at the same time

    And it's annoying. It's very difficult to relate to others. Further, social cues, social norms are can be difficult. Things can easily make sense, and you see the big picture, but others just don't or would rather advance their own agendas. To use something for the benefit of using it, and show it off, however, can get you attitude from others.

    Posted by: bk1
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