• There is a thing called fragile femininity.

    Of course there is! I have proof.
    1. ) Women cannot compare themselves to men. I'm not saying that they shouldn't; I'm saying that their desire is not to be compared. For some reason, They get all mad and pissy when someone even SUGGESTS comparing them to men. Some use terms like "Womyn" or something, Which isn't even a real word. Like, Seriously, You can't SHARE stuff with men? Messed-up.
    2. ) Women want to be the only ones who can complain. They complain about practically everything, Yet when a man comes only and makes one little peep, They start harassing him as much as they can.
    3. ) They want all the help to themselves. Men actually make up more than 40% of domestic abuse. The specific number is unknown. Yet women start making sure that men can't have the same services, Even when statistics show that men get the majority of the hate, Prejudice, And abuse. NO it's not gonna ruin your femininity if a man has some help too.
    4. ) They act like the worst thing to happen is having to wear a shirt or makeup. First off, If it was that much of a pain, Make sure that every female that you can find and protest by having them go shirtless. Also, You DON'T HAVE TO WEAR MAKEUP. It's not a requirement like you would be shot down. Seriously.
    5. ) #MeToo (PoundMeToo). It's just an excuse to ruin the lives of as many men as they can.
    6. ) So much more.

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