• Some people only listen to one genre

    How can someone claim to have good taste if they only like one flavor. Meaning, If you asked someone what their favorite dessert was and they said the only dessert they will eat are cupcakes and nothing else, You would not ask them "what makes a good dessert", Because they will only give you answers that specify components of cupcakes while ignoring what makes other desserts good. If that makes any sense

  • Picasso and Shakespeare would say "yes"

    In the subjective realm, The answer is "no", But subjectivity is a playroom for fools. I'm no genius, But I do appreciate the work of geniuses. All that crap aside, I'm just here to direct traffic. You'll find the answer in a book titled "Foundations and Principles of Music Education". YES, There is such a thing as poor music, Fair music, Good music, And great music.

  • What I think good music is and what bad is.

    There is always bad music out there, music with no meaning for instance good music for me will bring your emotions out and even gets me in a trance of thought but bad music just consists of words and a tune and has no real story or meaning behind the lyrics.

  • Bad music is common, especially today.

    When you think about bad music, you might think of pop music, like me. But that is my opinion, compared to fact. A factual space for bad music would be someone who couldn't mix, play, compute, an instrument right. Like, a beginner, or someone with trash rhythm, maybe a lyricist with bad grammar (the whole rapping industry). It could be a vocalist with a horrible voice. So yes, bad music is very possible

  • Yes I believe music can be good or bad when dealing with a specific age group of people.

    I argue that the younger people as old as 11 years old should not be subjected to music that has lyrics that have cussing, sexually explicit words and violent , and prejudice to them. I consider this to be BAD MUSIC for these young minds that are trying to find a way to fit into society as a independent person.

  • There are bad types of music. There are good types of music.

    If the music affects you, or people around you negatively then, using the definition of bad, it is of poor quality or standard. If the song makes you or people around you happier, more positive, more confident, or just encourgaging good traits then it should be considered a good song. But its not so much the quality that makes it a bad or a good song. It's the lyrics and how they affect you or the people around you. Lyrics are powerful, music in it of itself is powerful. It can make you feel really happy and ready to go out a meet the day or it can make you feel depressed or anxious. But it depends on what you listen to. So it depends on what you call "good'' or "bad".

  • Theoretically there is, it's just like math.

    Actually the question is wrong. Good or bad can only be determined by taste. But the question should be is there right or wrong music. And there is definitely a wrong and a right in music. Just like math, now I'm very bad at math as soon as I see E=MC2 I wonder what the hell letters are doing in a calculation. So it takes study to separate write from wrong. Now music has rules, if you don't obey those rules your music is wrong. Or bad to answer the question. Several people have tried to leave those rules. That kind of music is usually only listened to by people that like to analyse sounds. Try listening to Christian Wolff's Electric Spring for instance. Yes there is something like artistic freedom. Bud still music has rules.

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  • There are some bad forms of music

    It is based purely on personal opinion but there are definitely forms of music that I hate! Baroque is terrible to play, terrible to listen to, there is literally nothing good about baroque music. Same with contemporary music. If I am going to play a piece I want something that actually sounds like music and not a random note that clashes with everything else.

  • Yes stop being fooled

    Yes there is a such thing as good and bad music. You know the difference between the music when the artist lacks certain aspects of a good quality song. The way you can determine weather a song is good or bad when your not being convinced by someone on the radio or your friends to like the song , the first time you hear it you are interested, instead of what usually happeens which is a song you don't like that is played on the radio but you are forced to like it because thats the only song being you will be exspoed to for the next couple of months

  • Music is just waves that travel through space and are converted by your brain into electrical signals

    I just read this tale called the eminem paradox, And i'm amazed and totally changed my perception of things. I used to believe Cher and Britney Spears were considered Bad music. Now i can't stop listening to them.
    All music is peng
    if u wanna read the essay, It will change your mind like mine
    http://theeminemparadox. Com/

  • Theres no such thing as good or bad music.

    There really isn't such a thing as good or bad music because it depends on your interest, If you like it, Then you like it, If not then not. Their shouldn't be an argument on what you like, Who you listen to, And how long you listened to them. Its like food, On different cultures, Theres a bunch of varieties of food. But if you dint like a certain food, It doesn't mean its bad food, Just means you don't like it

  • It's up to people's opinion.

    In my country there national rock is very popular. However, i don't like it at all. I would rather listen to pop or country music. Here is when you can see that there is no good or bad musica, because i label national rock as bad, while many others say is good

  • No such thing as good or bad music.

    Say Isaiah, wants to write a song about how they want money, love, A nice house, the american dream, y-know? He can express his music in many, ways from the heart's this should mean Isaiah's music is great, knowing it came from inside the heart. But then he released his music and people say its bad. Why? Because the audience couldn't connect with its meaning. No such thing as bad music, Beauty is in eye of the beholder.

    Posted by: dbo
  • It’s all on taste.

    Music is indeed subjective and everyone has a different taste. To be honest, I have an odd liking towards classical music and some form of rap music, which is kind of weird if you ask me, but in most cases, I don’t think that quality of music really exists, it’s just that every genre of music has their own “fan” and we have to respect what kind of music people like, especially if it’s some music by Hildegard of Bingen

  • Not Really decipherable

    It seems from reading most of these positions that it all has to do with individual experience. This inherently frames it to be subjective, which usually has no good, or bad label. What is good music to some may be bad to someone else. If you start from the premise that music is an art where the artist conveys an experience or feeling through their work to be felt and enjoyed by others, then where we find "good" or "bad" would be on the individual response of pleasure or ability to identify with the music. The best way I could think to do this would be measuring the neurotransmitters, such as dopamine or other feel good chemicals released while listening to certain music. If you played Mozart to someone who loved his work, you would see the brain active in releasing these neurotransmitters. If you played Eminem for this same person, who hates Eminem, you would likely find their brains gave off far fewer of the same neurotransmitters. This leads to the conclusion that deciphering what is good music depends wholly on what persons individual response your measuring. This will be ever changing after each change in subject. Therefore you cannot determine what is good and bad music in a rank.

  • Its all in taste

    Its all in the taste of the listener. I hate Soundcloud rap (Lil Pump, Post Malone) but they have the top songs right now. A lot of people dont like pop punk, but I tend to. These days a lot of people dont like Eminem, but I love classic rap.

  • It is an art.

    Music is an art form. Art's cannot be judged by any person. As ones perception of an art is not entirely factual, it's opinionated. There may be a terrible track produced in your eyes. Like how I dislike a lot of common rap music. However others like that stuff. Similarly, nobody can't reject a song on the basis that it isn't good. It either needs changing in minor technical areas, or the song is good. Because others will like it whilst others may not. It's like saying that if somebody isn't beautiful, it's a fact. No, it's an opinion. Certain terms have been bent to have factual connotations, however many terms are heavily opinionated.

  • Music has no definite rating.

    Music is like the soul. Everyone has a unique soul but there are aspects of everyone's soul that others can agree with. In the world of music everyone isn't always going to like the music that you like and vice versa. You are not going to agree with everybody's taste in music. ITs about what resonates with your soul. What resonate with a group of people may not be the same for a hole population. So to ask "Is there such a thing as good and bad music?" is an inaccurate question to ask because music can not be definitely define as either good or bad. Its all about opinion and what you can resonate with.

  • There is no such thing!

    It really based off opinion so by that it shows how there is no such thing as good and bad music. For example you could really like a song or album a lot but there are always going to be people that may dislike it and vice versa so that is why I say there is no such thing as good and bad music.

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