• There Most Certainly Is Such a Thing as a Photogenic Memory

    The scientific confirmation is astounding, and has been proven immeasurable times on an extensive array of subjects, many who have diverse mental challenges themselves. These successful presentations of support for a photogenic memory have been documented on normal people with even more success. Not everyone will be blessed with such a memory, (if the condition is always to be considered a blessing), but to assert that the phenomenon does not exist, would be to refute medically acknowledged research evidence.

  • Yes, I believe there is such a thing as photographic memory since it's been proven people learn differently.

    It has been proven that people learn different than one another. I think that this is support enough that our minds work different from one another. One person can be shown a list of 5 items and forget 5 seconds later and another can remember it 5 years later. Information is stored in there somewhere-unfortunately we don't all have the means to access everything.

  • Yes there is

    I firmly believe that there is indeed such a thing as a photographic memory. I do recall seeing a nice video online about a slightly autistic man who could watch a video of a plane flying over a city, and then could draw the same city from that very limited glimpse.

  • There is such thing as a photographic memory.

    Yes, there is such thing as a photographic memory. I think that the extent of a person's photographic memory can vary, though. Some can remember every single thing they've every seen. My aunt has, somewhat, of a photographic memory, where, for instance, if she studies information for an exam, she remembers it all.

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