Is there such a thing as race? Is it a scientific or social phenomena? Feedback please!

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  • We all had a common African mother 200,000 years ago so we are all originally African.

    Genetic data supports a mitochondrial "Eve." The diaspora out of Africa during one of earth's glacial periods caused variants for eye and skin color due to natural selection. The farther away from the equator humans migrated the lighter their skin and eye color became in order to absorb vitamin D in the colder winter climates. Race is cultural not biological.

  • Race just seems to be a combination of universal human phenotypes.

    "The first concept, biological race, simply doesn’t exist in the human species. Instead, what exists is gradual variation in what people look like (e.G., skin color and facial features) and in their genes, as you travel around the planet--with more distant populations appearing more different than closer ones. If you travel in different directions, the populations look different in different ways. The second concept, social race, is a set of cultural categories for labeling people based on how their ancestors were classified, selected aspects of what they look like, or various combinations of both. These sets of categories vary widely from one culture to another."

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