• God is real

    How did we get here? Why are we all so different? Why do we feel things? How is it that our planet out of all the others is placed at the perfect spot so that life is able to thrive and grow? How is that no finger print is the same? Why are the good and bad people? Why do horrible events happen? Why do awful people turn around? Why do Christians worship so passionately? Why is Christianity the ONLY religion NOT based on works, why is their God loving, just, forgiving, jealous? Why do people all around the world change, are on fire for GOD? Why do they do things for others? Why is evolution ONLY A THEORY? Why are there MANY historic events, written documents, witness, scientific, historic evidence that the bible is real? Why were there prophecies that predicted the coming of Jesus THOUSANDS of years before He came?
    Because He loves us.
    If you are a Christian I encourage you to live a life that looks different than a non believer. I encourage to not only have faith, but also facts. Do some research, know that God is real, and be able to prove it. Do not force anything on any one, let all your actions come out of love, but speak truth.

  • Yes, it exists.

    Yes, religion exists. A religion is simply a belief system, and people having belief systems, whatever they are, has been a phenomenon documented throughout human history. Even before there was really any scientific or rational outlook on the world, people had religious belief systems, and even though we now have science, many people still have a religious world view rather than a scientific one.

  • Of course there is

    While the interpretation is different to virtually everybody, religion is indeed a real thing. It can be looked upon as guidance, comfort, community, or a myriad of other things. For better or for worse religion has been a part of the human condition for as long as it has been recorded in history. It is interpretive and not for everybody, but exists as essentially whatever medium a person desires it to be.

  • Religion can be defined.

    And it is important how we define it. There are many different definitions that could be used. Our first instinct is to find one definition and say that this definition is correct because it truly represents what religion is. But there is also functional definitions of religion which do not seek to give us an absolute view of what religion is but instead allows us to have a meaningful definition.

  • One Voice, Many Faces

    Religion pervades human existence as a way for people to take comfort in the unexplained. Science cannot yet answer questions about spirituality, faith, or why things happen. Religion fills in the gaps of human consciousness, whether people ascribed to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. Religions will always be a part of human nature, no matter how advance our knowledge base becomes.

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