• Sure it's not hard to do

    Claim identity to a group of people that constantly whine about being the victims of some nebulous oppressive force (patriarchy, homophobia, racism...Take your pick) However your victimhood has to be based on demonstrably false narratives you learned in your gender studies classes, you can also not base it on anything.Your oppression is a given automatically.
    Claim that due to your baseless victim status your are now entitled. Entitled to what? Name it...Government sponsorship in the form of legislative overreach catering to your every complaint?-just call it equal rights. Redistributed wealth stolen from productive members of society that should be handed to you?-just call it income equality. Dead cops and destroyed property?-just say Black Lives Matter. Another president to replace the democratically elected one we have?- call it fascism (nazi will work too) Your boss doesn't pay your part time hours that you just returned to after 8 weeks off on maternity leave the same rate as the unmarried guy who has worked there full time for 13 years making employee of the year for 8 of them?-call it gender wage gap. People to be locked up who think you're not a woman because you have a penis swinging between your legs under your dress?-call it hate-speech. No more people who don't think the insane things you do?- call it intolerance.
    Then you have to become an angry person, this is key, I mean ready to launch into a non-sensical leftist diatribe at any poor schmuck that crosses you. You have to be so insecure that the slightest uncomfortable moment you endure must come with a trigger warning, but first make sure you have a safe space prepared nearby with plenty of coloring books and sanctimonious flavored ice-cream to treat yourself to.
    Don't worry about bettering yourself, or being productive in society...Remember society owes you everything you want..Just as soon as they recognize their privilege. Now your purpose is activism. What is that? It's basically being an angry insufferable kool-aid drinker full-time by using protest marches, online forums, and college campuses.
    Last but not least, remember...Nothing is your fault, everyone else around you should change to accommodate your insane reality. And don't ever use facts in your thinking...Don't try persuasion through discourse and debate, your energy should entirely be fueled by your feelings, emotions, rancor and righteous indignation along with your sense of unearned moral superiority. You are now a woke snowflake swimming through a culture of haters spewing facts (intolerant hate-speech) into your hipster world. Congratulations!! Now you just need to pick one of the 65 genders to identify as.

  • Yes there is

    Yes there is such a thing as "social justice". It is very common lately, especially on Tumblr. The real argument here is how effective social justice actually is. And I do not think it is very effective. People can create controversy over social issues as often as they want but it doesnt change the underlying issue.

  • In theory there is social justice.

    In theory social justice exists. However, in practice we have rarely seen it. We work from the level of ego and therefore greed is much more prevalent than fairness and justice. That is the human condition at the place where it is not enlightened, and enlightenment is a rare thing. We have to assume that there could be social justice, however.

  • Educated People have No need for social justice

    Social Justice is the broken system that because someone else that can be similar to you does something wrong then both his/her and you should be punished. It's a broken system and is often used in race.
    For Example: If a white man is racist toward black man, social justice would say that ALL white men are racist and should be punished.
    That's social justice and it is a system that is ignored in a respectable and professional setting and instead we can see it in a uneducated setting, like Tumblr.

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