Is there such a thing as white and black magic?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Its all about the color.

    Its pretty simple. If you're white and you made a magic trick, then its white magic. If you're black and you made a magic trick, then its black magic. Hell, if you're brown and you made a magic trick, then its considered brown magic. The colors make the magic colorful.

    Posted by: XLAV
  • Depends on how you use it

    There is white and black magic in terms of the purpose (s) it serves. People say, "It's not the power that counts, it's how you use it". When an individual acquires great power, the use or misuse of that power is everything. I believe in a balance between personal gain and altruism in the case of possessing supernatural power.

  • There is no such thing as magic of any kind.

    To believe in such things as "real magic" and religion is superstitious and irrational. There is no reliable reason to believe in either. Research and logical thinking in either magic or religion should destroy any thoughts that either can be real phenomena. Instead of accepting these ideas and refusing confirmation bias, we all should do a fair amount of research. There is no magic, God, miracles, or supernatural activity. Even common sense trumps those beliefs.

  • Nature is Grey.

    See, as a practitioner of magick (yes, with a K), I can understand the mentality of this question. The thing that some people need to realise is that magic(k) is not something that can be classified as black or white. Magic(k) is a part of Nature, and Nature is a balance of good and evil. As beings of Nature, we are all born with both inside of us - some of us just act upon one side of ourselves more than the other. For those who don't believe in magic(k), think of prayer. Are the energies put into praying evil because they're trying to rid of something? No. The only thing that may be even slight related to "black" would be the intent. Again, people act upon themselves differently,

  • No, neither of them do.

    In asking the question, you indirectly state that magic exists, and unless you can somehow find proof for that - which would be pretty astounding -, I'm going to have to stick with my previous idea that magic does not exist regardless of color. Substantial claims require substantial evidence, and you aren't going to be able to get that from Debate.Org.

  • What is the point of this question?

    First you're already assuming that magic exists. You're going to have to back that up somehow, which I have no idea how you are going to lol. Second for those people who do believe in magic, they might believe in different kinds of magic, so you should state what kind of magic you're referring to. For all you know some people might only know Red and Green magic and not Black and White magic. And lastly you need to define what is white or black magic. You could be thinking white is good magic and black is bad magic or white magic are magic that are used by a certain group of individuals and black magic is used by another group of individuals, etc.
    If you are asking these conceptual questions you should really state your perimeters for the people answering the question.

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