Is there such thing as a truly good form of government?

Asked by: NirvanaQueen1991
  • There is a truly good form of government.

    There is a truly good form of government. Depending on the type of government and the circumstances some government can be a good thing. Usually political agenda can get in the way and corrupt government in some situations. However, I feel that there are members of the government that are working for the good of the people.

  • How does one define a 'good' government?

    The function of a government is to govern, or control, a community (nation, state, city, or other regions). In essence it is there to maintain the peace between rich and poor. As long as the 'poor' don't feel oppressed enough to do anything about it, all is well. If they are pushed too far the government will use its police or military forces to resolve the situation.

    So I suppose a 'good' government is one that keeps the working class docile.....

  • The best forms of government are at most only partially good

    1. Governments are composed of individuals; individuals are composed, in various portions of good and bad character traits, habits, prejudices, ideologies, etc
    2. Governments have the monopoly to use force and violence towards its own people and "outsiders."
    3. Therefore, the combination of folks who can do bad, and also have the monopoly to use force and violence create a very dangerous, but necessary, evil called government.

  • Humanly Speaking, No.

    As humans, we all must admit that none of us are perfect. Under any circumstances when many small faults are combined to do anything it tends to ... Not be perfect. If we were all truly perfect, there would be no need for a government! There are governments that work better than others though.

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