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  • Everything is relative

    If everything could be equal how could one differentiate between two things? One couldn't because they would be perfectly equal and actually 1 thing and not 2. Nothing is independent of itself. Everything we know and experience is by means of comparing and contrasting. We compare and contrast things between other things to know that certain things are indeed different from those things. For example I know that a shoe is a shoe because it isn't an apple, or a car, or a dog, to infinity. Difference and inequality are beautiful things its how we know anything is anything.

  • Everyone doesn't have the same starting line

    Everyone isn't born in the same family. Everyone isn't born with the same parents. Everyone wasn't born in the same country. Everyone doesn't have the same talent. Everyone doesn't have the same religion. Everyone has experienced different things. Everyone weren't restricted by the same rules. And the most obvious one is that everyone doesn't look the same. All of these are facts yet why do people say that absolute equality is real?

  • The only true equality isn't even in books...So there won't be in real life.

    There is equality in the SciFi called Harrison Burgenson and on there there are restrictions to the ones with talent and beauty which tries to make everyone equal in every which way, Looks, thinking ability or intelligent level, and strength and by doing this the government has total control of the people which leds to no freedom at all. So therefore there is no true equality.

  • There is still a chance

    People have started to forgive others and started to see how wrong they are and the amount of bad stuff they have done and said about others and that is not right and they will sooner or later will realise they were the cause of all these groups and will soon forgive each other and will be all equal until then we have to wait

  • We are only human

    Until we can see a person who does not look like us and not put them in a category based on age, race, religion etc. We will still justify our reasons they are not us which really means less than us. We lack empathy for our fellow man. Change will only come when we realize how wrong we are

  • What about equality in health awareness?

    Dr Paul Farmer, medical anthropologist says 'The idea that some lives matter less, is the root of all that is wrong in the world'. Never more so than in health awareness programmes, where some cancers are much more important than others. Even the feminists will not come on board and support some of the health issues that are extremely unequal for woman (and, actually, also men). All men (as in 'man' meaning humanity) may be created equal but they do not all have equality.

  • There is no such thing as equality when it comes to people

    People will always be different form each other, especially when it comes to ranking. Whether it's a job or it's popularity. The way people act, think, feel, or even function makes us all different from each other. To have a world with no equality is to have a world where everything, every day is exactly the same. It would be a very gray place, a place where there is no life.

  • Everyone is not the same, there is different rules for everyone.

    I believe that it is impossible. You would'nt get a heavily pregnant woman to do the same labour job as a builder or even a mechanic? Ive often been told to do a physical job while the opposite sex wouldent, and ive been told its because im the man, this isent equal but i dont mind because equality in my opinion has been distorted and is throwen around too much for it to be meaningful.

  • No, there will never be absolute equality.

    Because of the way the world is set up and the way that people behave, there will likely never be perfect equality among genders, races, personal economics, and the like. There will always be this friction between different factors. While we can and should work to lessen any differences, stereotypes, and discrimination against various people, it seems it would be impossible to ever create such a utopian society, because we don't live in a perfect world.

  • Some Think They Can Do Things Better

    While many will argue there is absolute equality, all one has to do is look to a workplace to see that this is often far from the truth. I think there has been an attempt to level out the playing field there is no absolutes. One career path in particular that I can think of is fire fighters. I am sure there are women that are just as capable as a male.

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