• Yes of ripping people off

    Yes the gypsy industry is one great way of ripping every day people off. They do this when you least expect it they will come knock on your door and be friend you. Then the next thing you know they are robbing you blind and taking everything you own and you are at a lost.

  • Yes, there is a Gypsy industry.

    I think that there are always going to be people out there who will take advantage of problems and strife that exists among a group of people. There are definitely people out there that have made money and profited from the issues and plight of the people of the Roma..

  • No, i do however belive that Gypsy peoples are a close knit group.

    I believe the Gypsy group is close knit and willing to work together. For many years they have had to work amongst one another forming close bonds to care for each other. Often excluded from society they had to support one another. By sticking together, it may seem as if the Gypsy people are working in an underground industry, but in reality its just one relalative helping another.

  • "Gypsy Industry" is simply a perjorative

    The word "gypsy" is used pejoratively against a race of people correctly called the Roma. The Romani have been legislated against since the early 1500's. This is largely because they have been viewed as nomadic, poor and dealing in the black arts. In eastern, northern and western Europe they are strongly discriminated against. The Roma were also targeted during the Holocaust.

    Gypsy Industry is a slur that is used to describe poor people taking advantage of wealthier people by offering work or service for a fee but then providing lousy or no service at all. The truth is, that the wealthy are far more likely to have taken advantage of the lowest members of society than vice-versa. Afterall, every rich person is so off the backs of those who actually work. Additionally, there is always a chance of being taken advantage of and it has nothing to do with one's race.

  • There is not

    No, I do not think that there is any such thing as a gypsy industry. I think that this is all just a myth that some person made up to try to cause a lot of trouble, and that they did not have any facts to prove it is real.

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