• "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky"

    The post title refers to one of the most chilling Star Trek (TOS) episodes; which depicted a society ("Yonada") that microchipped its citzens as such. The chips (called an "instrument of obedience" in the episode) were hooked into a central computer (called the "Oracle"), and had the capacity to kill if they detected politically incorrect thoughts or behaviour.

    Computing technology has advanced far more rapidly than Gene Roddenberry had anticipated (TOS had only reached 3 1/2 diskettes by the 23rd century), so "instruments of obedience" are likely only a few years away.

    The question is: do we really want to live on Yonada??

  • Yes I Heard.

    I heard that there are such things as these and people are saying that they are bad which I think is true. If you look it up there are whole bunch of pictures of people that have a bar code on a head of a person. Trust me its probably real.

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majicwalrus says2013-12-05T19:10:41.537
Microchips for humans? What does that even mean? I have several microchips at my fingertips right now! They serve me and they were produced for me. They are microchips for humans. Hell I know that microchips CAN be implanted in human beings because it has been done before. That has nothing to do with bar codes - what is this question even about?