• Yes there is.

    I've seen countless number of people who say they truly love someone when in fact they aren't, and they only experience 'romantic love' or infatuation with their partner. It's very common for that to happen in most relationships, but once the infatuation fades away is when couples start experiencing problems. This happens because "reality" sets in, and you start notice things that you hadn't before that could potentially bother you (or vice versa). True love is evident when you and the person make the choice to work through the problems you have in order to keep the relationship healthy. True love is selfless, and it's about what you have to offer to the relationship and your partner. Expecting to receive certain things from your partner is not true love, and being with someone because he or she "completes" you is not true love other; that's dependency. I may have not pin pointed everything there is to know about true love, but then again true love does not a have a definite answer.

  • I believe there is

    I believe there is such thing because to think otherwise is to depressing. To believe that true love exsists gives people hope for the future and the family they hope to have. To think that there's no such thing is just depressing as if not for that what else is to live for?

  • Scientifically and morally highly problematic

    It's not scientific to invent a couple of features to describe a harmonic relationship and then immediately call every relationship that fits our subjective perception of "good" or "harmonic" true love. That's is just tying up some loose ends to make a nice knot; it has nothing to do with truth or science.

    True love is about as vague as the concept of god and they are connected. If you believe in god you can believe in true love, as both concept highly rely on one believing in something that, by its nature; can never be described by science.

    Science can only tell you that some humans have, for various reasons, such as upbringing, life experience preferences and social behaviour the ability and desire to engage in extremely tight and long monogamous relationships, which is not about a magical force tying them together but about a good combination of actual and more or less measurable characteristics. As humans show a broad variety of family structures we could think about wheather that this is a mere evolutionary attempt to find the best social structure according to the individuals.

    Anyway. "true love" is also a harmful idea that makes people question and rate their relationship. It is a back-door to justify immoral or illogical behaviour because socially we still regard things as acceptable, if they were in the name of love. It's a concept misused by teenagers, hollywood and religion.

    Relationships don't have an actual worth. But we seem like we have to give them one by labelling them with true love. The person next to you desires, needs and cares about you. That should be enough even for the emotionally greedy.

    Posted by: Eav
  • True love is a myth! Fairy tale hocus pocus

    Again we need to be realistic. Attraction can be amazing and there hormones released for this attraction to happen in order to make a baby. There! Then these hormones are then replaced by a more mutal feeling.
    You can care for your partner in the end but that is it.
    I can not believe people can not see this. It is basic science
    I find the idea of true love quite depressing because it isn't real.

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