Is there such thing called "PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY?"

Asked by: hbomb117
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  • I think that people need to look in a different perspective.

    I can listen to a Poptropica walkthrough and remember everything it said to do the next day. (I'm a sixth grader.) I can also remember whole paragraphs from certain songs or books. Some people I know can't even remember what to do in school. I can even remember a dream that I had a few years ago.

  • The mind is a wonderful design.

    I agree that they're are many people who are what we perceive to be very intelligent. However, our minds are not completely wired all the same way. I do believe that there are people who can remember things in the blink of an eye, and then there are those who cannot. There is reasonable belief that "photographic memory" is not at all impossible. Yes all minds have the same setup, as in what you have stated, but not everyone's minds works like the other.

  • Everyone's mind is the same.

    In schools we see variety of students. There are smart students, bad students, normal, and hard workers. Some people are called to have this thing called Photographic memory; where as they memorize things in an instant. But it seems a little weird that, everyone has same process of memory( sensory -> Short term -> long term --> rehearsement). So it doesn't seem like there is such thing as photographic memory.

  • It's a myth

    There has not been a follow up study to the research that Charles Stromeyer III back in 1970 and even then the results were insufficient. For example when you see a photo of a friend you will only see the obvious features of them, but if you look closely you will start to notice small little details that you would of missed. Our minds only catch glimpses of things with the combined effort of the other senses to create something that isn't really close to a photograph

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