• Yes indeed there-is

    It depends how do we understand the term "time", time is indeed a creation of humans but it doesn't make it non-existent. Time was and never will be same for any of us because it is our own creation...
    We should be able to understand that there is a "definite time", there will be an end for everything. Why? I like to believe that the greed us humans possess will bring that "definite time".

  • (sigh) This Argument Again

    Time is, in fact, an actual thing.
    Say you plant a sunflower. It takes, let's say, two weeks to grow. What we measure as time has to pass for that sunflower to grow. It can be measured, and is necessary to the natural world- therefore, it is real. Saying that sequencing doesn't mean time is ridiculous, by the way. Both of those examples require time to read/play/comprehend.

  • No there is not

    Time is an invention of man.

    Any imposed “rate of time” would be completely irrelevant to the workings of the material universe. Time in that sense doesn't exist.

    You see, we can experience sequencing of events but, we also experience sequencing of numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, and sequencing of notes on a piano. Neither of which involve time. We also experience the sensation of duration. We can even compare this sensation to a clock but, that is just comparing the distance that energy flows around the circuits in our brain to the distance energy flows around the circuits in the clock. They are just two different distances.

    What's actually happening is the mind is rationalizing a greater yet, quite simple, cosmic principle; Just as the mind rationalizes some electromagnetic frequencies as colors.

  • Time is relative

    There is no such thing as definite time because time is relative. Just because a certain amount of time has passed somewhere, doesn't necessarily mean it passes everywhere, for example a year on Jupiter is 11.86 years on earth. There is no fixed way in which time passes, therefore there is no such thing as definite time.

  • Human perception of "time"

    Time can be described using real life examples such as the time it takes to grow a flower. But how fast or slow a flower grows has to do with the natural phenomenon occurring in its environment. This natural phenomenon simply is and cannot be measured by any human psychological organizational sequencing. Time was created by humans so we can keep track of what's going on around us but nature itself is not on a schedule, only humans are and therefore our perception of the world around us seems scheduled because that is what makes sense to us and all we know.

  • Theory of Block Time

    Block time states all that has happened, will happen, and is happening occur simultaneously, but that we are localized in some region of time (much like we are localized in some region of space.) To that extent time only exists (from our perspective) relative to our location. However, much as everywhere exists so does everywhen. Travisthetruth says "we also experience the sequencing of numbers." In other words any sequence of numbers is relative to the origin and thusly we are only part of a substructure of space. So time exists in the same way space does, as shown by Einstein, as the fourth dimension to our realm of existence localized in an eternal universe by our material bodies.

  • The brain converts ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS into everything we comprehend

    Nothing's really going on the brain is just very magical. It's one of those mysteries that scientists stopped taxing upon because no way even with taxes will we ever find out the answer. The brain is and will always be a super mystery. No one can do anything about it it's just how it is

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