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  • Way too much censorship.

    Yes, there is way too much censorship in the media. It is the year 2014 and it is really time to get over the squeamishness. You think censorship is going to stop people from behaving a certain way? No, wrong. That's what education and teachers are there for. Not the media.

  • Yes, by a sin of omission.

    Yes, there probably is too much censorship in the media. In the United States, our major media outlets are owned and run by corporations who have interests they want to promote and protect. This leads to an overabundance of coverage of lifestyle stories (fashion, celebrity gossip) and very little coverage of real news (corruption, mostly).

  • In America There Is

    I believe there is too much censorship in the American media, however I know it is worse in other parts of the world. I believe, in America, we have seen a the government censor what news reporters can cover and I also believe they've used harassment to get reporters off of key topics that they do not want covered.

  • No, not in the United States

    A journalist might say there is excessive censorship, particularly if his or her
    treasured muckraking article does not get published. A fundamentalist Christian
    might believe there is not enough censorship, and that too many Godless
    abominations see daylight. In reality, censorship in the United States follows
    a few well known precepts, and those who work in the media know
    well how to push the boundaries, with supposition and innuendo.

  • Some censorship is good

    Censorship in the media should be rare and self-imposed. When there is likely harm to the nation or individuals that outweighs the good of revealing information, then self-imposed censorship is necessary. Wikileaks, and stories written by media based on articles posted there show that censorship is not the overriding concern of media outlets.

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