• Yes, there is too much confidentiallity in U.S. government.

    Yes, the level of confidentiality is too great in the U.S. government. Not only are citizens unaware of what is truly going on with the government, some departments within the system are unaware what other departments are doing. This creates a system of supreme inefficiency where the work of one department is wasted because of the actions and decisions of other departments that they interface with.

  • Too Many Secrets

    I believe there is too much confidentiality in the US government. I believe the government keeps secrets that absolutely are not necessary. A prime example of this is the activities of the NSA. It is hard telling what other programs the government uses without telling the citizens and I find that quite scary.

  • They run us.

    Yes, there is too much confidentiality in the U.S. Government, because the U.S. Government has all kinds of secret programs that go on, and we are not privy to any of it. They even spied on German Chancellor Merkel, and she is a friend of the United States. It is too much and too many secrets.

  • No, the government must maintain confidentiality to protect citizens.

    The government is responsible for ensuring that our society is safe and that citizens are cared for. This requires government officials to access sensitive information. If this was shared more broadly, people across society would be endangered. Many government employees devote their lives to serving others and we must trust those who we have chosen to represent us.

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