Is there too much disclosure in campaign finance?

  • Public disclosure of names violates privacy.

    There is too much disclosure in campaign finance. It is difficult to accept the idea of donating to a campaign of someone a person is truly interested in these days because their name and donation amount is made public if the donation is more than $200. It violates privacy to reveal the names of donaters.

  • All Info Should Be Available

    I do not believe there is too much disclosure in campaign finance. If anything, all transactions should be available to the public so they know who and what corporations are lining the pockets of our politicians. I think we would be far better off to limit the amount of money used in campaigns because our current system gives sway to those that raise the most.

  • Campaign finance has too little disclosure.

    With the advent of the super-pacs, politicians can be bought and sold behind locked doors. The citizenry is unaware of the alliances that politicians are making in order to pay for their campaign. These loyalties would have very serious implications if brought to the public eye, which is exactly why they are hidden. If the candidate has nothing to hide, make the transaction history public.

  • There should be more disclosure in campaign finance.

    There should be no room for undisclosed campaign finance because the financing is what breeds the corruption and compromise of political candidates. Any desire to hide where financing is coming from should be a red flag for potential corruption. Every election should be totally transparent, unless there's something to hide.

  • There is not enough.

    There is not enough disclosure regarding campaign finance. Campaigns should be required to tell where every penny of their income is coming from. They should also be required to explain where every penny of their money is being spent. As a voter, I rarely hear where politicians are receiving their money. The people voting should be clued in more as to what is going on.

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