• There is definitely too much pressure for women to fit into a certain body type.

    This body type is not only unreasonable (basically no waist yet a huge butt, big breasts but not too big, around 5''4 height) but for the most part uncontrollable. A girl can't help it if they're tall or have a smaller butt, and they shouldn't have to worry about it either. Some people may argue that it helps people stay in shape and gives them something to work towards, but girls go about it in the wrong way. They develop eating disorders and become unhealthy and weak and frail in a desperate attempt to look like that girl on the magazine. If society wasn't so harsh on women and girls and their body type, there would be a lot less eating disorders and even depression in this world (yes, many girls fall into depression because they can't get that 'perfect' body type).

  • Yes, women are being pressured into being a certain body shape.

    There are always pretty girls on social media that we think that are better looking than us and we should think like that because it's telling us that we don't value ourselves enough to actually love our body the way it is. Everyone was made into their unique style and we shouldn't change just because someone else is "much skinnier, taller etc." Sometimes us women and girls get criticized based on our looks and that is definitely not a good feeling to have. I am a young women and I still have much more to experienced. But it is truly upsetting that I have been judged just because i was gaining a little weight. We should all love ourselves no matter how you look!

  • Not always achievable

    Sometimes this look of being thin to a point of almost not having a stomach is not achievable, this could be because of genetics because there are some super healthy fat people and super unhealthy thin people because of people's varying metabolisms. Some people just aren't meant to be thin. Because of this impossible standard we now have bulimia and anorexia, they're literally DYING to be thin.

  • Of course, it's disgusting.

    One doesn't even have to be an adult to notice that society is an ugly thing that controls so many people. I'm a junior in high school and I can tell you that every day someone always says something along the lines of "why can't I be like this girl," or "she's beautiful and I'm not." Then they compare themselves to women that society considers "beautiful." It creates a sickening system of lies that shames perfectly healthy and beautiful people just because they don't like a woman in a magazine, or on the commercials. It seriously needs to stop. I'm 15 and I can tell you that there is obviously a flaw in the way that the world treats people. Girls are starving themselves, and some even committing suicide. This entire situation has gone way too far and I can't stand seeing people get so consumed in lies. Just because you can't count your ribs doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. Get over the "norm" because it's all fake and realize that everyone is a beautiful person.

  • Women and young girls go online and social media all the time.

    They go on all these websites and see young, thin, 'beautiful' women, whose ribs are poking out of their torsos, and they think, "I wish I were that thin," because for some reason, that's what society thinks is beauty, it's what people praise, being able to see the bones in women. This puts so much pressure on the young women of the world, making them think that they're fat, or unattractive because their bones are not visible. They then get thinner and thinner, but are never satisfied, because the photo-shopped images they see online are so much prettier than them, so they starve themselves more and more, and it's a painful thing to see when I scroll through social media. All the young girls encouraging each other to lose weight, or the extremely thin girls telling healthy weight girls that they're fat. Social media needs to back off women and instead, encourage the thought that everyone's a beautiful person, no matter their body-type. All these beautiful girls being self conscious just because they see women that are thinner than them sickens me. I've actually cried, seeing all these things where girls shame themselves and each other. There's too much pressure on women online, and in social media, and it needs to stop.

  • We focus WAY too much on being thin rather than being healthy

    There's a great quote by Mark Twight (the guy who trained everyone in both 300 movies) somewhat relating to this: "Appearance is a consequence of fitness". I feel like as a society we focus WAY too much on how thin we think women should be rather than how healthy they are; there are plenty of beautiful women out there who aren't model or movie star thin but still gorgeous. The thin women who we as a society fetishize are like that because it takes hours of work and tons of self-discipline to get where they are; dieting, a comprehensive fitness plan and ample time to work out, sleep, an ability to prioritize their appearance as part of their job, etc. Most women don't actually have the time to do that and because of society's pressure to be thin they become discouraged. We should be viewing women who are living a healthy and active lifestyle and who everyday strive to be active rather than what we think the result of said lifestyle should be.

  • Yes, there are too many pressures on women.

    Yes, there is too much emphasis on women being thin, because women have too many pressures on them in everyday life. Women are expected to work, take care of children, and find time to be physically attractive on top of it. Being thin is not always healthy, and women should not feel so pressured to do it all.

  • Thin,big boobs, blonde, arm candy

    I Know we have our taste but this is ridiculous. I have my list too but thats not love, if you can't expect a woman who you like and care about because you're looking for the perfect woman. Then you are not going to find them. A women is not a prize you get for accomplishing some heroic task. What it comes down to is respect and love. Don't you get tired of women using you the same way? It's not greener on the other side, you still have to groom it. Why don't you cut your own grass and enjoy it instead. Grass is grass, it's green.

    Posted by: ENFJ
  • There is too much emphasis for women to be thin

    If you see all over the world, the thin phenomenon has become very popular, women are being told from right to left that being fat (or what society considers fat) is wrong. With the media selling about a million diet solutions to lose weight, the Internet has many websites and blogs dedicated to losing weight, diet pills and quick solutions to lose weight eg. Lose 5lbs in 4 days. Pictures (a lot) especially in magazines such as Vogue, and Elle of really thin women and runway models on the catwalks being scarily thin that some even die from heart attacks to keep on working in the fashion industry. Although pictures of thin women in fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle isn't surprising, its becomes scary when you see pictures of stick thin women in magazines that are suppose to celebrate independence and health, like Women's Health. Being fat or curvaceous with a full figure is not considered the ideal female body, health scares and concerns are some of the primary goals women lose weight but the most high reason for women to lose weight is for the sake of appearance and being accepted by society. The thinnism builds on a multi-billion dollar industry filled with many diets and fads about losing weight.

  • This is somewhat borderline

    The ideal figure should be a fit one, for men and women alike. For women, this would entail being "thin" by virtue of not being fat or pudgy. It is what people should strive to be. However, many many models are distastefully thin. They are skinny and underweight. This is not what women should aspire to. I would hope people feel a pressure to be physically fit when they are not, but not a pressure to be just skin and bones or a size negative three. 987498 is very correct in saying that the fat-positive movement is absurd.

  • Always be better!

    I think it would be great for women to strive for better looking and more healthy bodies. Why would anyone advocate being chubby and unhealthy? . The same goes for men, they also should strive to be in the best possible shape as possible. Being mad about women who have beautiful thin bodies, is just lazy, feeling bad about not trying to achieve this yourself. See it as motivation to go hit the gym and get in shape and be better. Be healthy, and have a strong fit body. DonĀ“t get mad and jealous that somebody else is working hard in the gym, taking long runs to get in shape. That is something WE all should do.

  • I would not necessarily say so.

    Though there is indeed a strong social value attached with thinness, especially when applied to the obtuse kingdom of womanhood, one has to remember that there is a formidable vanguard of reactionary feminists to counter the threat. This movement, called the fat-positive movement, actively promoted slavish habits in women and cannot be easily forgotten.

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