• Yes, there is.

    Students have to much free time on college campuses. They are the main consumers of alcohol and drugs because of all of the free time they have. Students will intentionally schedule all their classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to have a four day weekend every day for 4 years.

  • College Campus- Not Enough To Do

    As a college student, I know for a fact that there is too much free time on college campuses. I believe there should be a greater workload. In addition to this, there should be more events to keep students and faculty occupied. Too many students get involved with drugs and alcohol because there is nothing much to do on campus.

  • No, good college students keep busy.

    Sure, there may be some college students that take it easy and spend seven years earning a 4-year degree because they only take three courses a semester. However, the majority of college student have extremely busy schedule. Many students take five to six courses per semester, have a job, volunteer, become involved with extracurricular activities, intern, and study abroad. Many of activities are necessary to build up a résumé, which is necessary to find a job after graduation.

    Anyways, college is supposed to be fun. There is nothing wrong with going out on weekends with friends. This is the last time that these young adults will be able to live freely without all the adult responsibilies.

  • I Don't Think So

    I attended college for three years and didn't have much free time, so I would have to say the free time on college campus is actually quite low. Of course there are students who attend college for the wrong reason and they may neglect their responsibilities and have free time others don't. This however shouldn't be used against the typical student who puts forth effort.

  • Only if you are rich

    With the way things are going today, no one has that much free time. People have to work harder than ever and get paid pretty much the same as they did 50 to 60 years ago. Most college kids have to have work to afford their tuition. People who say this country is getting lazier is lying and are probably the ones rigging the system.

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