• Yes there is too much

    Yes, I believe there is too much government secrecy. It has become popular knowledge that the United States Federal Government knows a multitude of knowledge that it hasn't divulged to the public. Such knowledge would include the actual use of Area 51, if aliens really do exist, and if they do are they somehow in cohorts with our government. All of this speculation has led to a significant amount of distrust from our nation's citizens. If they were to simply come out and speak the truth, then our nation could fully support them.

  • Yes! Way too much.

    That secrecy can go more than one way. Most people would go crazy and do crazy things because of what they here. But the government should tell us things. Order is born from chaos. On day all the truth will come spilling out like a waterfall and we will be forced to only believe what we say, even though everything we say is to hide the truth. Mist of us live under a mask of lies. The government has provided that mask and we have long sort out the lies but never the truth. The lives we live are fake. The voices in your head that make it possible for you to read this also paint the image of reality.

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