• Yes, why do we care?

    Living in the United States, I see people all over talking about the royal baby. Didn't we fight a war to separate ourselves from that family? Why don't we care about the royal families of any other nations? I wonder if some Americans, deep down, really want to be tied to a crown.

  • Yes, like the rest of its horrible family, it will amount to nothing but greed and worthlessness

    There should be more hype over a common working class' family baby because that baby will build a nation in the future with is hands while this little monstrosity will do nothing but be an icon in society which does nothing but hinders the success of every one in the England.

  • What royal baby LOL.

    Another one of those royal family nonsense happenings? Well monarchy is simply not justifiable by any serious ideology, it cannot be derived from any moral system compatible with democracy, neither rights-based nor utilitarian. It is an anti-modern throwback in otherwise civilized societies, a bit like religion, gender roles and similar traditionalist nonsense.

  • The hype for the royal family is becoming an epidemic!

    People are blinded by the dazzle from the royal family, why would they worship an earthly being? Sure the baby is the mother's pride and joy but would they honestly care for some other 'commoner' to treat their child like a god? It's obviously fame that they search for (given the fact that there are countless scandals from the royal family), should probably consider would the family care if you were to die? (even if you had the most dramatic unusual death). It's an ordinary child for goodness' sake just like everyone, nothing unusual. The basic make up of the family is just from 100 years of inbreeding, not that there's nothing wrong with it, it's not democratic but a total aristocrat by no means 'born for fame', it's no fair and it's completely unnecessary.

  • I am sick and tired of hearing about it

    The amount of talk for an infant who's related to a monarchy in america is rather embarrassing.Now brits, no offense, but its getting annoying.I can understand all the hype in england, but americans wont just shut up about.Its the newest edition to the royal family.Good. I get the picture now. Shut up please.Thank you.

  • As a yank,

    I can understand that it is extremely big news about the royal baby in England, but for the love of god, America, we were founded against the royal family and everyone is urinating themselves about a baby in another country. "Oh they can REPRODUCE. Lets talk about it for a million years and not let the average American go a day without hearing about it!" For the love of god, its a baby. And it is a descendant of a government. Get over it, America.

  • Yes, it is.

    Yes. That's why I support the idea of a republic. It brings less attention to the family of the head of state. The head of state shall be a public figure, not his or her family. Monarchy only brings cash to gossip magazines, because there are so many people buying them.

  • For God's Sake, it's a baby

    Let the couple enjoy their new family alone instead of filming and posting every second of their lives, would you honestly want a camera and a news reporter capturing every second of your life to the general public? The baby hasn't done anything but existed to get this much attention.

  • Most people I know either have no interest in the royal baby and are disgusted with the BBC for all the hype.

    To say the world rejoices is similar to North Korea when they claim that the whole world rejoices at the anniversary of the birth of their leaders. When a member of the royal family of any country has a baby it is usually in the British newspapers and our royal family is no different, as newspapers have to fill space somehow.

  • Yes, far too much hype over the birth of a child for last 48 hours

    Having an hereditary monarchy in a democracy is an anachronism. Let us follow the Irish, French, the US and many other democratic states and have an elected president. Why should we defer to this family? Let us send the Windors packing to Balmoral ...Of course once the Queen has departed.

  • No it is not.

    The is going to be the head if state of a country, obviously this should be exciting. We must know if this baby is well and what his name would be. The media is not smart, but there not idiots either. This is an important factor in the identity of the British people.

  • The world is now waiting to find out what the young prince will be named.

    Here are the current favourites with the betting shops:

    Aston Martin
    Xiao Lin
    Jay Zee
    Prancing Horse

    So what do you think he will be called?

    By the way even though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son will cost the long-suffering British taxpayer a fortune; not just during his over-privileged childhood but as a parasitic, over-indulged adult as well, for some reason nobody here in Britain seems to care about that.

  • It's a ROYAL BABY!!!!!!!

    Of course there isn't too much hype about the royal baby. How often is an heir to the English Throne born? Or better yet, how many of them have been born since the last coronation? Not to mention William and Kate have been married for just over a year, and already have a little prince. In case you haven't guessed, I'm British. :)

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