• Misconduct in the Armed Forces needs to be reduced

    Misconduct in the armed forces is on the rise. This is due to commanders no longer having the ability to punish and reward as they see fit. Commanders are increasingly restricted as new protocals for punishment are created. This results in less problem individuals having their deficiencies identified and corrected, and more individuals not truly understanding the repurcussions of their actions until it really does cost someone their life.

  • Yes, this is true.

    There is too misconduct in the armed forces today. It is amazing how much corruption there is in the world's most powerful, and for the most part secure, military. There are so many connections and false promotions that goes on, along with many people taking their power too far anyway.

  • Yes there is

    There is way too much misconduct in the armed forces - particularly rape. I do not know how to remedy this, but it is all too common. As a veteran, when I was in the military, I saw people's personalities stripped away and them turned into one cog of a killing machine. The repercussions of this sort of mentality are not good.

  • Military getting a bad rap

    This question is one that has been around for quite some time and is not easily answered. There are groups on both sides of the issue that will insist that they are right and they will not budge regarding their opinions. Both sides have quality arguments and they both need to be open minded.

  • They punish it.

    No, there is not too much misconduct in the armed forces, because the vast majority of the people in the armed forces follow the rules. When there is misconduct it is punished by a court martial. The armed forces are people, just like the rest of us, and some of them are just going to do wrong.

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