• Ridiculosity, pure ridiculosity.

    Way too much. Everyone is an expert. We have plenty in this world, if we stop aspiring to live by over consumption. We need to set our personal bars higher, and live better. Buying shot pedalled to you by marketing men.

    Relax, and smile baby. You are not here for that long, then it's....Puffffffffff...

  • I want to be able to analyze the news on my own rather than have everyone else slice and dice it for me.

    Why must we be inundated with commentary and opinion from every possible direction about every single issue and event out there? It's getting so I can't hear myself think clearly if I tune in or go online more than 30 minutes. This also applies to the mountain of "reviews" out there on EVERYTHING!! No one gets to just experience life anymore, we wind up having our initial impressions colored by someone else's dubious opinion. So we walk around constantly prejudiced in some way.

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