Is there too much religion in the U.S. government?

  • Duh, there's too much religion.

    Everyone who voted no is most likely a Christian. 'in God We Trust' is literally the motto. Some religions besides Christianity are bashed. Irreligions get bashed. The LGBT+ have so many hate crimes against them. The country has existed 200 years, but keep into mind slavery, segregation, and other bad mojos happened. It's not rocket science.

  • There's way too much religion, anyone who voted 'no' has to be biased.

    If there wasn't too much, why is it that the LGBT+ are discriminated against? That they can't get married? Jesus Christ, guys, this isn't rocket science. Irreligious and other religions, beside Christianity, face heavy discrimination depending on where you live. 'In God We Trust' is the motto, but what about people pf other religions or irreligions? It's a pretty easy decesion. The U.S has worked like this for 200 years, yes, but in those years there was also slavery, segregation, and other bad mojos. Most if my friends in highschool would agree.

  • Yes, religion is great as long as it's not interfering with others lives.

    This country was founded upon religious freedom. One great example that there is too much religion in the government is the ban on gay marriage. That's unconstitutional and needs to be resolved. It may be a sin to a Christian, but not all religions are against same sex marriage. Considering this country's government is "supposed" to be religion free, banning gay marriage DIRECTLY effects others simply because it bothers you? Well there's a bunch of things that bother a lot of people and that's something you have to live with. Government in America is not supposed to have religion in it, so why is everyone putting it in?

  • Yes

    Yes, I think there is too much religion in the government. It frustrates me because when religion is involved, people do not always use rational explanations for their decisions. I have always learned that our founding fathers wanted a separation of church and state, yet so many politicians cite religion as their reasoning for their political views.

  • There is, and some want more

    This past election the term "war on religion" was a major talking point for Republican candidates, which is ironic coming from a group that pretty openly shames anything that isn't Christian. Religion has no place in politics as we claim to be a society that tolerates all of them. It's time we started acting like it as opposed to merely saying it.

  • Not freedom FROM religion

    When this country was founded, the Church of England could force all citizens to belong to the state church, AND to pay tithes to the state church. The freedom of religion in the constitution says that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion (no state church) nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof (allow individuals to practice whatever religion they want). Nowhere does it say there is a separation of church and state or that there should not be religious people in government. Government is to stay out of our personal lives however, our personal beliefs are to influence government. Evolutionists believe that they should be able to influence government with their beliefs, and Christians should also be able to influence government. It is extremely one sided if Evolutionists and atheists can say how government should function but Christians are to keep their views at home.

    I have seen a few posts here that flatly state that evolution is a FACT. If you have any brain at all and really look at what the evolutionists believe, you have to conclude that there is much error to be found and that it is based more on faith in evolution than scientific fact.

  • No, seperation of church and state boundries still exist.

    Religion. There doesn't need to be less, there doesn't need to be more. If 95% of voters are religious, then 95% of issues might have to do with religion.. It's inevitable that religion is going to sway things. And even so, people basing views off of their religion isn't a crime: It's their choice.

  • Hard to get rid of

    Well if you consider this country was founded off of religion and freedom of religion you should expect there to be religion. I rather disagree I think there isn't a lot of religion especially in the government. Can you point to one spot in the Government that has religion in it except for the currency and the pledge of allegiance. Even if there is religion in the government it is not affecting how we run the country.

  • No let's keep it that way

    We don't have to much religion in government and we don't believe in having that in this country.

    When I listen to Republicans in these United States I believe they want to push their belief system upon everyone, we have a separation between church and state for a reason it's worked well for over 200 years let's keep it that way.

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