• Yes there is

    I think it is about time they come out and tell us what really happened in the at Roswell and who killed Kennedy and maybe they should tell us more about what their role is with Illuminati and how it's future plans will effect the world and not be so discreet about it.

  • Yes there is!!

    There is a lot of secrecy in the government!! Some of it like weapon development should stay a secret because we don't want enemy's getting that info, but certain things that involve the whole country like debt crisis shouldn't be held behind closed doors, people should be able to see what there doing because now a days politicians don't listen to the people.

  • Selective Secrecy

    Some things should definitely be kept secret and some thing should be out in the open.

    Issues pertaining to national security, in general, should be secret. But not when amendments are made to laws to hide what is being passed.

  • There is too much secrecy in government, because the people have a right to know where all of their tax dollars are going.

    While it is understandable that there is a lot of information that the government should rightfully keep from us, because it would only do harm for us to know it, more often than not, this is not the case. We have a law called the Freedom of Information Act but, in reality, we seem to continuously find out things that were covered up. I do not support what WikiLeaks has done but, if nothing else, they have shown us that our government is still hiding vast amounts of information from us. We pay their salaries and their bills, so we have a right to know where that money is going, and why.

    Posted by: CourageousRandolph70
  • I believe there is too much secrecy in government; each day there are new revelations of past decisions that have negatively impacted our country.

    We have been promised more transparency in government, but reports of abuse of power and mismanagement of our money permeate the news. There is an acceptable level of secrecy if our security depends on it. However, other than national security issues, the people we elect have a responsibility to keep us informed.

    Posted by: erikschrody
  • Our government really has become too secret, because they do not tell us everything that is happening, when they should.

    Over the past few years, our government has kept things from the American people that they really should have told us. I think our government has forgotten that we put them there. They are supposed to be speaking for the people, and they do not do that any more.

    Posted by: 5h4rkEmar
  • Is there really TOO much secrecy?

    Everyone keeps secrets, and of course, the government does to. There are many reasons why we keep secrets. Whether it's to protect ourselves from being embarrassed, or maybe it's something that we just downright don't want to share with anyone, and don't want anyone to know about. Sometimes we keep a secret to protect someone else. This is what the government does. They keep secrets to protect us. Some of the secrets they keep, we just couldn't handle. Other secrets released by the Government could give classified information to enemies, which would also leave us in danger to. There are many more reasons the Government doesn't release secrets in order to protect us which are mentioned in the arguments above/below. One of the key words in this statement that 'there is too much secrecy in government' is the word 'too'. When we use the word 'too' we might refer to having TOO much ice-cream or we have TOO much homework. When there is TOO much of something it implies that there is an impact because of this. i.e. eating to much ice-cream - feel sick, having too much homework - feel stressed and upset. Are the secrets of the Government really affecting us? Does it matter if we know where every cent of taxpayer money is going? No it really doesn't affect us and cause an impact. Therefore, there cannot be too much secrecy in the government.

  • Secrecy is necessary

    People only want the government to tell us everything because we are curious and a little nosy. The government is just trying to protect us, and if they tell us everything, the story will be changed multiple times as it gets retold creating a situation blown way out of proportion.

  • Secrecy is essential

    I truly believe that secrecy is important in the government when certain subjects are concerned. The fact is, and as cliché as it sounds, we can't always handle the truth. Sometimes there is just too much to wrap our heads around. What the government hides from us is hidden for our safety. We have to keep in mind that any information the general public has access to is also available to our enemies. If the government doesn't keep secrets, they are no longer protecting us. Parents hide secrets from their children (telling them that Santa is real or that babies are delivered by stork) to protect their innocence and the government, being our "parent" in a sense, keeps the truth from us to protect us.

  • Secrecy is important.

    This is a hard opinion to make, because we don't necessarily know what all the government is hiding from us. We need to have faith in the government. Whatever they are hiding from us currently, isn't physically harming us now. What the government hides from us is often for our benefit; to either keep the program effective or protect sensitive info that could fall into the wrong hands.

  • Nope,

    First let me start by saying that some things shouldn't be as secretive as they are.. but I believe that we do not need to know everything. That's just humans of course. We have the need, the drive to know everything that we can. Think about it, if the government told us, lets say.. they told us Aliens exist or something like that. Do you not think there would be a panic? A Global panic? hey keep secret what they need to keep secret.

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