• Get on a plane

    If you dont believ the science And/or believe the photos since the 50/60's onwards are fakea then get on a plane and look out the window you will see the curvature of the earth. Or get $500k and buy a ticket on Virginia galactic, in a few years you can see with your own eyes. If you still think the earth if flat you are a moron and you should be put in a mental home...

  • The horizon is proof

    There are so many reasons that people believe that the Earth is an oblong sphere, rather than being flat, but the easiest way of proving it is the horizon and the movement of the stars over the course of a year. The ancient Greeks were able to use this logic - it amazes me people can't do this today.

  • Start at One Point and Travel in the Same Direction for 25,000 Miles

    If one person starts at one point and travels in the same direction for 25,000 miles, that person ends up at the same point. That proves the Earth is round and not flat. There are plenty of other ways to prove the roundness of our planet. The only reason ancient humans thought the Earth was flat was because their scope was limited to a very small area. Ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round 2,000 years ago by scientific measurements made in Egypt and Athens.

  • Satellite images show earth

    Yes, there is proof that shows the earth is round and not flat. Images taken from outer space show the earth, and show that it is indeed round. Also people have been to outer space, and they can see our planet and confirm that it is round and not flat.

  • Yes there is

    There is proof that the earth is round. Here are several ways we can prove it: We can see photos of the earth taken from space. We can see the shadow of the earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse. The way that ships appear on the horizon - if the earth was flat, they would appear out of the horizon, rather than appearing to come up from under the sea. Different stars can be observed in different parts of the world. If the earth were flat, we'd all see the same stars.

  • Yes, the earth is proven to be round.

    Yes, there is undeniable proof that the earth is round. Satellite images and space exploration give undeniable proof that the earth is round, not flat. Photos and videos from space give the best proof. When the earth is viewed from a distance, it is obvious the earth is round and not flat.

  • The earth is round

    The Biblical Hebrew word for “circle” (חוג—chuwg) can also mean “round” or “sphere.” This proves that the earth is indeed a round spherical shape. You have people who use the bible to try to prove the earth is flat. The truth is that the bible states the earth is round and spherical and not flat.

  • The Sun and Moon Set below the Horizon

    The sun and the moon set below the horizon without changing size in the sky during the course of the day. This shows that the distance between us and them doesn't change by any significant amount during the course of the day. The only way that is possible is if they are very far away. They could possibly still orbit around and go under a flat plane, however were this the case, they should be visible everywhere at once and set for everyone at almost the same time. The only answer to our daily cycle then is that sometimes we face the sun and sometimes we face away from it. The best shape that lets us do this is a spheroid of some kind.

  • Sunset Rays shining on the BOTTOM of clouds, And NOT the tops

    Look at almost any sunset, And you can clearly see the suns rays shining on the bottom of the clouds only, And NOT the tops. In any flat earth model out there, The sun is just a small light ABOVE the clouds, But BELOW the dome. If this is true, The sun could NEVER shine on cloud bottoms without the sun physically being at a lower plane than the clouds. This is because the EARTH IS ROUND!

  • The earth is a sphere.

    You can’t argue with flat earters. It is pointless. No matter how much evidence you show them. They believe in a book that was written 4000 years ago. By who we don’t know. This book is there basis for everything so any debate is like banging your head off a brick wall.

  • Nasa whistleblower Matt boyland was asked to help create some of the chi that nasa uses.

    All 5 or 6 (shouldn't there be thousands?) of "photos" are easily proofed fake as is most of anything nasa does. If the earth was spinning at 1000 mph, planes would only have to fly north or south, wait for their destination to come around, and land, if they could hit the moving runway...

  • Of course not.

    I mean the only proof we have is what? A bunch of satellite pictures? Showing that the earth is a sphere and a couple of astronaut accounts?

    How is that enough to undeniably proof that the world is not flat.....

    Please tell me you were just joking around asking this question. Even Ken Ham admitted the world is a sphere.....That speaks for itself.

  • Earth is defintitely not round

    In the bible, the most accepted book throughout HISTORY, it mentions "the four corners of the earth" question: what kind of sphere has corners? I mean, sure, the bible is famous for using symbolism for other more important things, but not in any case was this used for geography.

    Also, for those of you who do think you can go all the way around the globe, you can. Its because we live on a double sided flat disk, with gradual curves at the edges instead of sheer edges.

    Take that, science

  • It is ignorant to think modern science is the ultimate truth when it is constantly evolving

    I dont trust pictures for one.
    Accepted mainstream science has been wrong how many times?
    I will learn from history and take any science with a grain of salt.

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  • Earth is flat

    The earth is definitely flat cause otherwise explain gravity you stupid dolts. If gravity did exist then wouldn't we be pulled towards our fat friends constantly. Obviously the earth is flat and moving around like a paddle, so things don't fall down towards the earth, the earth moves up towards them.

  • Please Return Your Tray Tables to Their Fully Upright Positions -

    Airplane trays tables. If they weren't cruising level and flat they wouldn't and couldn't have them. Not even your drink tips out of level nor ever threatens to spill nor does your pen keep rolling off.
    Any ball over a mile in circumference requires a Mile-Per-Mile curvature, once you leave the ground. Airplanes could only fly in a constant nose-dive to maintain altitude. Airplanes wouldn't climb after take-off.

  • Bill Gates is a Flat Earther -

    Microsoft's highly touted and factually used to train pilots Flight Simulator has no Ball-Earth "eccentricities". Yes, this is Microsoft's longest running software, it's older than Windows.
    Since its release in 1982, never has it had any accommodation for flying over a ball, taking off from a ball, landing on a spinning ball nor flying against a spinning ball's up to 1000-mph atmosphere.

  • Water doesn't curve

    Your drink on an airplane tray table doesn't go out of level and never ever is found spilling over the side. Nor, does the wheeled drink cart roll by itself at anytime while the plane struggles to keep its altitude above the mile-per-mile curved ball beneath in a repeated nose-dive.

  • Nope, but there FOR SURE is for the Flat Earth

    2-words is all it takes for both the Ball to die and NASA to be irrefutably proven a treasonous traitor along with all of Gov't and Military. The Nile and Amazon rivers!
    BOTH rivers flow against the alleged curve! The Nile debunks the ball for North to South and the Amazon disproves it for East to West. The Ancient Greeks were morons, especially ERRORtosthenes!

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