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  • Definitely not no

    The only "women rights issues" that they complain about is that some people believe that women don' have the right to infanticide, that's their biggest human rights violation to date. Sure they could be talking more about how Muslims have their daughters sent over to the Middle East to undergo FGM then bring them back at the age of 8, but that would be racist even though Islam is not a race.

  • It's not at all

    Third wave is basically trying to blame everything and anything from big problems to petty annoyances on men, the male gender or masculinity in general; from the actions of mere INDIVIDUALS (Every other day some disturbed psycho gets labelled as "proof" of male/straight/white toxicity or some other bullcrap like that, which is pretty damn ironic coming from the "progressive" crowd that claims that things like gender or race are unimportant social constructs and that they despise the idea of profiling others based on their race, sexuality or gender) to things men have little to no control like their bodily functions/proportions or the crap actions of others (Often women).

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