• This shouldn't be a standard at all, it should be illegal and prior prosecuted being forced to go through the same pain their baby indured

    The baby has its own body, just inside another so technically it isn't your body, the baby should have a say and since it's there obviously it wants to be born, second the woman can't get pregnant without the man, so kids obvious he should have a say so. Thirdly this should be considered murder, because if you are considered dead when your heart stops beating, then life should be considered when a heart starts beating. The first thing that develops is the heart, nervous system and brain. A baby's heart starts beating in week 3 of pregnancy. Most woman don't find out they are pregnant until week 8. So when she murders her child it is extremely disgusting. A baby feels pain during abortion, they fight to get away from a needle they force into the skull to numb the pain they will feel being torn and vacuumed to pieces. During this whole process the baby is screaming and carrying in torture and pain. So i think the baby would prefer to be left alone develop and be born into loving arms of s mother and father. Abortion is a terrible, disgusting act and anyone who thinks this is okay needs to go through a virtual reality of themselves being aborted and see how it feels!!!!
    Also every child is planned, and a gift!!!! There is no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy, if you have sex you plan to get pregnant. For the take argument. Don't punish the baby for some one else's fault,, adopt the baby out or raise it. One of my 4 children is a product of rape and i love him just the same. The rapist needs punishing not an innocent baby

  • Yes it is.

    Yes it is a double standard because the woman is allowed to choose, but not the man. What about the right of the father to choose? It takes two to make a baby, so it should take two to choose. The father should have a say in the decision making process unless he fathered the child by rape. Then I would take his rights away.

  • The baby either is or isn't a living being in the womb ... Duh !!!

    The personhood of an individual is not dependent on HOW MUCH YOUR DO OR DON'T WANT THEM TO BE ALIVE ! ... So the story goes, ... A woman is victim of a car accident on the way to an abortion clinic >>> In her mind it was a FETUS until some other lady ran into her ! ... NOW, (WOW) it's a BABY !!! (what unmitigated CRAP) !

  • It's not at all.

    It's the woman who's carrying the child. The man doesn't have to deal with morning sickness, weight gain, etc. If he wants, he can just leave and not have to deal with it. If the woman doesn't want to carry the child she should not be forced to just because the man wants her to.

  • Its the woman's uterus

    This is not a double standard at all. The woman is the one who is donating use of her body, not the fetus or a man. No one has a right to use your body against your will, whether you are a woman, fetus, or man. The same standard is set for each involved. If a woman needs a kidney to survive, she cannot just take her fetus's kidney or partner's kidney (and such court cases have been brought to fruition in the case of siblings; donation is not a legal requirement just because you are related). If a fetus needs a uterus to survive, the woman is not obligated to donate it.

    The whole idea that sex equals consent to use of one's uterus is absurd. Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship and promotes bonding. It is not conducted mainly for procreational purposes, as evident by the fact that we allow post-menupausal and sterilized men to participate readily and marry. The whole idea is like saying that driving a car is consenting to being rear ended, because of course we all know it could happen. But even then to be as bad as forced pregnancy, being rear ended would need to involve being forced to give up rights over your body.

  • It cannot be:

    This is not something that humans can settle with politics no different than humans trying to settle the difference between biological males and females in any other way. It is time we stopped trying to pretend that males get pregnant and start accepting that males do not just as we stopped demonizing females for the sex of our children and accept that males are the true determining factor.

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