Is this a fair statement to conservative "prolifers"?

Asked by: SitaraForGod
  • Yes it is very fair to call conservatives "prolifers"

    They take such a heavy stand on the pro life options that it is a simple way to explain how conservatives think. It is not derogatory in any way since it just explains their main belief such as you call a Christian and Christian. Since it just explains their viewpoint on a political debate it should be perfect fair and acceptable to call them pro lifers.

  • My statement to conservative "prolifers".

    1. Not all liberals are prochoice about abortion. 2. Not all people who are prochoice about abortion are liberal. I am prochoice and I am a centrist meaning that I am half liberal and half conservative. 3. That is not how we win people to Christ. 4. Real prolife wishing people dead. Rolls eyes. 5. Many (not all) conservatives care about the baby: until it is born. After that, it is I am not paying your bills and healthcare, you unmarried slut. How dare you have a baby when you are not ready. 6. Do not call yourself prolife unless: you value the mother's life and health too, you care about the baby once it is born, support family planning programs (that is the education and availability of contraception for conservatives), STI testing, only going to war to save life and essential liberty, and so on. Torture is also a no no. Thank you much, Sitara.

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