• Yes it is my boi

    It’s a good question because there is no right or wrong answer. This question could be debated. This boi be smart. People in the world need to ask more questions like this. Be educated on this question. Be smart. Learn smart. Drive safe. Look both ways before crossing the street.

  • Definitely. It's fantastic.

    The depth behind this questions is so astounding, I can't even think right now. My mind has been blown into the next century of debate topics. I have now dropped everything and focused all my research on this question. I believe if I find an answer, all world hunger will be solved, and therefore cookies won't even need milk! I just... This is fantastic!

  • Of course so...

    The questions that have answers aren't worth asking after all. If we merely ask questions expecting to find an answer, we fail at our purpose of asking questions in the first place. Besides, there is nothing immoral, and the pursuit of knowledge is inherently moral, so yeah, great question !

  • Yes because it is

    It is a good question because a good question is one which serves a point, and the point of this is determine if it's a good question. Questions are all necessarily good, but good ones are good, and if this is a bad question then how can it logically also be a good question to provide questioning alongside it. What the f.....

  • It sucketh mightily.

    Theres no point to this question. I know you're much more capable of creating a better question. I know who you are. I know the identity of @TheOncomingStorm. I will soon expose it to the entire DDO world. You will not be safe. And just for the record, your question sucketh. It sucketh mightily.

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TheOncomingStorm says2013-11-13T20:35:16.353
Sorry I left my profile on when my little brother was in the room unattended.