• Do you know what racism is?

    Racism is prejudice or bad feelings against a specific race or races. This ad is not showing prejudice at all, as a matter of fact, it is merely displaying that there are other races of women interested in love. And while it may as well be a trick, it still does not show racism. This shows no prejudice or insults toward those women.

  • I don't even know

    I don;t even know how this could possibly be construed as racist. Seriously this is some dumb stuff. There are probably more than a few people who have a niche for asians that appreciate such a thing. Although if you're stupid enough to click on those then there is no help for you.

  • This is not racist

    Racism is defined as: 'having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another'.
    This advert does not assert the superiority of the makers' race, it is complimenting Asian women on the virtues of devotion and commitment.
    To call this advert racist is just political correctness gone mad.

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