• "is this a test,"

    The Russians have been flying along the United States coast line and what the Russians are apparently doing is flying so many bomber flights off America's coast that the countries military will become so use to seeing Russian bombers and fighter planes that when the Russians actually do approach America with Bombers loaded with Nuclear bombs and fighter planes that they will catch America asleep thinking its just another Russian test and our military won't respond in time to stop them from destroying our country and even taking over the country. Is America so native as to think that the Russians are flying their military fighters and bombers at America without having a military objective in mind. "THIS IS A TEST," and America Had better not flunk it, There won't be another test given to get it right....

  • The US is not that vulnerable

    You are a little misinformed about a few things. First and foremost, every single military exercise that has been conducted by the Russian military near the US has been intercepted between 30 and 50 miles off shore (which is well within international waters). The US doesn't treat anything like a test. Every approaching aircraft that enters even our fishing regions, which stretch several hundred miles off shore, are treated as a potential treat, especially post 9/11. We give them warnings to back off at around 100 to 70 miles. Intercept them and drive them away at around 50 to 30. And Shoot them down the second they enter US waters (12 miles off shore). If an aircraft does enter US territorial waters, we have ample opportunity to deal with it.

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