• Average people annoy me for some reason

    Not all but like for instance when you bring up Christianity, it's all like all of sudden, people forget that there's two main branches of West Christianity -- Protestantism, and Catholicism (Anglicanism is included in this group). I mean then you talk about how the Crusades were horrible and how all Christians are horrible.
    But I think it's twisted. First of all, not all the Crusades were bad.
    A lot of the atrocities of imperialism were done by Protestants, Lutherans and Presbyterians especially.
    Damn people can be so stupid!
    "Why are Christians like this? Why is it when Catholics do this and that."
    There are two branches of Christianity
    and Protestantism has a track record of supporting imperialism and brutality

  • Define the term 'stupid'

    Obviously, some countries have a lower education standard than others, and as a result, many of the individuals that are birthed there will have less knowledge of the world. Meeting up with people who believe things that aren't true does not make their country 'stupid'; if anything, you would come off as ignorant for judging an entire nation based on a minority.

  • People are stupid.

    A person is smart. If you were to travel all around the world meeting different kinds of people and giving them say, a quiz of simple trivia (like the woman pictured above) then you would most likely find that americans are far from the dumbest people on planet earth. End

  • Our country as a whole is not stupid.

    But unfortunately the people that "represent" our country are. Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, The Kardashians, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, and most other reality TV shows portray Americans as idiots, but I like to believe the majority of Americans are not stupid. It is just that the average person does not get worshipped on television, so will be ignored when people try to determine the intelligence of the average American.

    I hate when foreigners call us dumb, and whenever I play quiz-up (a trivia app), I love playing with people from other countries because it makes me feel like I can prove to them Americans are as intelligent as they are.

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