• I ruined my life

    Ok, So when I was little I loved coloring things in the rainbow color scheme but now if I do that people will call me gay. Jesus christ I just want to color somehting in with the colors red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and purple is there anything gay about that NO just let me color my rainbows without calling me gay

  • Considering it's derived from Gilbert Baker's flag, Yes.

    Gilbert Baker, The late artist and LGBT rights activist, Premiered the original pride flag at San Francisco Pride in 1978. Though the hot pink and turquoise stripes have since been dropped, It was Baker's original designed that inspired the current six-color flag we see today. As a result, Yes, It's pretty safe to say that this flag is a symbol of the LGBT+ community. Its original creator even said so.

  • Gay isn't the entire lgbt+ community!

    Why does people think that everybody from the LGBT+ community is gay. There is actually a Gay flag, And trust me it is NOT that one, The gay flag is a transition of colour from blue to white and then green. That flag is the flag used to represent the LGBT+ community NOT THE GAY PEOPLE!

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