• Yes it is

    This generation is pretty lazy because now things are much easier. They don't have to work in their father's corner store when they were seven and they don't have to go and help out at the farm. We have a lot of machines that do these things for us, which makes us lazy.

  • Yes, they were never taught otherwise.

    Basic human evolution would suggest that humans naturally look for the shortest and easiest way to get anything done. Hard work is a learned habit. In this day and age with technology at every ones fingers and the political correctness that 'Everyone is always right' has made this generation lazy.

  • Internet has a lot of positive sides...The downsides however

    Too much internet and "mommy" apps means people get used to doing the least possible effort...And it really shows nowadays. Simple example : back in 1995 I wanted to listen to music that I couldn't find anywhere, so I more or less started doing music for myself. Ever since the internet has appeared, I have infinite choices music wise, and I totally stopped writing music. This is true for a lot of other instances.

  • Yes, this generation is lazy.

    Yes, this generation is lazy....very lazy. Too many people rely on technology for too many things. For example, young people with children rely on the technology to teach their children instead of teaching them themselves. Yes, there are a lot of educational games and learning devices but at the end of the day what did you as the parent teach your kid? Nothing, a computer taught them. I hate seeing children who know how to work an ipad but do not know their colors, numbers, or letters. Parents need to spend more time with their kids and not use tv or video games as a babysitter. For those who are not parents, I see too many young people that are perfectly capable of working but do not work because they are too busy playing games.

  • No we are not lazy.

    We work hard. School is advancing through the years. Were working harder as the technology advances. When stuff comes up, we figure it out. I want to go to college. I am this generation your calling lazy. I have a 3.9 GPA. I work hard. I am not lazy I am not stupid. And instead of trying to fix the problem the other generations are blaming ours. So doesn't that make you the lazy ones.

  • No, this generation isn't lazy.

    Just because some people are lazy, don't mean the rest of us are. I have worked so hard. Life can get in my way some times, but it won't stop me to completing my goals to go to college and become an amazing counselor. I want to make a difference in someones life and I will do it.

  • They say that about every new generation.

    I'm a millennial myself, and every new generation is called lazy, irresponsible, and so on; that's not a new phenomenon. I think that the only reason we're called lazy is because we do things differently than the older generation. Do we use more computers and whatnot than we used to? Absolutely. What this means is that we're more used to receiving instantaneous feedback, not that we're lazy. Millennials simply do things differently than the previous generation.

  • There's no opportunity.

    No, this generation is not lazy, because we are struggling to make it in a world that is tough. In the older generation's day, any college degree was a ticket to a nice comfortable job. For us, there are no guarantees. We go to college, there are no jobs when we get out, and somehow that makes us lazy.

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