• Very offensive to those who gave their lives

    This is basically saying that gay equality is equal to a war that so many people gave their lives for. Since when does being gay compare to the life of the military soldier? Since when does being gay add up to the amount of courage it takes to go into a battlefield where the chance of returning is slim? Why minimize such a tragic event to something like gay rights? I understand that some people do not agree with the gay lifestyle choice which has caused some unnecessary criticism, but it is nowhere near the same as people going into a war and giving their lives. In fact, if it were not for our soldiers, the gay community would not have the freedom to lives their lives as they want. None of us would.

  • Anyone can pose for a photograph.

    The faggots in the picture are equating a struggle fought on the battleground of the judicial system, which is the least democratic part of the government, and is infamous for its liberalism, to something where a bunch of people literally fought and died for. Also, that flag is hideous, unlike Old Glory.

  • The gay community always whines about slander..

    That picture paints all those soldiers as homos.

    They had biological families and children like regular heterosexuals did.

    And they were heroes. Not homos.

    Also, The gay community always whines about slander, and yet they are okay with slandering the men who gave them the freedom to be homo? Wow how disgusting...


  • It's great, but..

    It's awesome that these guys got equality, but it's not awesome that they are disrespecting this monument. I don't know what would make a person think they can do that. It's like spray-painting swear words on the Mona Lisa; you just can't do that. I don't know if this is official, or it's just a group of friends, but I don't agree with it.

  • Yes but not really for me

    I think its dumb and a bit in poor taste, but i'm not personally very offended, just a little. People make offensive jokes all the time so I don't care that much, but I know certain people who would be extremely offended. They were teenagers and young adults during WW2 so they would hate seeing gay rights being equated to protecting our nation and the world from destruction.

  • Absolute disregard to real men.

    This makes a complete mockery of the people who gave their lives defending their country. The unedited photo depicted the men who died by the thousands defending what they believed in. To contend that gays fought a similar fight in itself is slander. To say that the "struggles" today of gays is comparable to the thousands who died charging up that mountain is absolutely disgusting and deserves no applaud.

  • Most definitely it is

    The original story of the WWII photo was after thousands of Marines charged up a mountain and got slaughtered. The Marines paid a high price to win that battle so to suggest that gays had a similar fight is just straight up disrespectful. I haven't seen 1 gay person run up a hill with machine guns firing down on them so they aren't worthy of that picture.

  • Our Troops are Real Heroes

    This great country and her interests have been protected by brave Americans for centuries. The idea that a declaration of homosexuality or the fact that homosexuality is becoming normal is equal to the men and women who sacrifice their time and in some cases their lives to protect this country is an absolute abomination. Not only do I find it offensive but I also find it arrogant.

  • I believe the image’s intentions are often misconstrued.

    While I’ll most certainly concede that LGBT rights do not equate to a physical war. However, I fell that people are quick to be offended by what is meant as a symbolic juxtaposition comparing our war with total equality under constitutional law. It’s art. It’s a statement. It’s not meant to evoke anything other than the fact that LGBT Americans were facing prejudice and lack of freedom during the time the picture was taken.

  • 4 men carrying a flag

    Really! Really? Its not offensive! They are just carrying a big flag! No big deal! F f f f g h h fhbj f hvb dfb y v5r y hv ht jb fgf hjbvt fj fgju vf gju fhj gf j gf hj f jjg jg j gf hj gf j gf

  • No not really,

    It is just a picture saying that the LGBT community is fighting, just as the solders were, only the battle was nonviolent, an was fought in a court room. (even though in some places LGBT's were murdered by those who felt it to be their religious duty to kill them, after all their blood is on their own heads, as the bible says.

    They have seen blood (like during the holocaust) and still they stand stronger then ever, that is the point of the picture, that as the solders did, they can stand for what they believe in.

  • Hahaha NO! Are you serious?

    If you do, please find your funny bone or whatever you call your humour. Reducing respect to bird droppings to counter the nay side of the argument shows a rather stunning lack of faith in the original monumental historic event this simulacrum is humorously putting its own slant on. Rather nice it is to read the weakness in the yay side's protest when they introduce exceptionalism to the table, for some reason this historic event shall be hold in reverence and never be used in other contexts. This is too much begging the question but I wonder if those on the yay side pay all historic events of this kind, all bloody wars etc., the same regard. Doubt it.

  • Not To Me, But...

    This image isn't really that offensive to me, but it steals elements from a one of a kind moment and pushes an alternative agenda. That would be like if someone used the likeness of Harvey Milk to inspire a push for gun rights. This image itself isn't all that offensive to me, but for many people, it is trying to steal an iconic image and use it to promote a controversial stance.

  • Of course not.

    Gays have to deal with struggles in society everyday. They are denied services, attacked, insulted, and are often excluded from certain elements of society.
    The arguments on the "yes" side all consist of "Gays can't be heroes, gays haven't fought in wars, they're disrespecting soldiers, God hates them, etc etc".
    Members of the LGBT community HAVE fought in wars. Why else are there restrictive policies regarding LGBTs in service?

  • It just doesn't offend me. I haven't seen the original image, and it's not my country, and I'm against war.

    I'm sure it would offend me if a few of the other factors were false. But as it is, it doesn't really, because it wasn't my country, I haven't seen the original image, and I don't glorify war. Also, notice how everyone glorify's only the dead from the winning side of the war. The German soldiers in WW2 fought for their country. Hitler got to power because he had a plan to get Germany back in force. The number of people who signed up to help Germany, even though it meant near certain death? Is that not brave to you? I personally think that I don't consider soldiers brave, I'm grateful for them but I think it's a stupid way to spend your life.

  • Don't take it so literally.

    As HermanGomez59 said, it is ART. The fight for LGBT rights was not near comparison to a war, but all in all it was a fight. It's just saying, 'Yeah, we fought and we struggled in order to get out rights and justice.' It's not supposed to say that the fight was fought at the same cost as WWll, just to symbolize another scenario of America fighting for what she believes.

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