Is this justified?

Asked by: TheAsker
  • It is totally justified

    If someone tries to rob your store you need to know how to fight back. Fight fire with fire and so fight crime with crime. That is the only way to deal with criminals. All criminals need to be victims of crime to serve them and their deeds right to the letter.

  • 100 Percent Justified -- Вы идете девушка

    I really think this is a non-story. Nobody gets upset by the harem of sex slaves that I have made of the women who have wronged me. Why should the case be any different for a woman? You go girl (Вы идете девушка)! Plus, rape is funny when it happens to men.

  • No it is not justified

    What would be justified is if the hairdresser robbed from a robber. That would be the proper way to fight fire with fire and so fight crime with crime. Robbing someone is not equivalent to sex slaving someone. "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." -Hammurabi's Code.

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