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  • It's too scaled down

    The picture is so scaled down that it's impossible to tell what anything says except for the "Obamacare" tree. And there's an elephant doing something to it and exclaiming something; can't really tell what. So the picture is vague, and vague things are generally inaccurate. Also, Obamacare is not a tree, so it has that going against it as well.

  • Who would think it is accurate?

    I wonder what kind of jerk accept the person who made this would think the picture is accurate :p and why do we have to provide at least 50 words I mean let the public write or type as much as they want!! Follow my youtube channel Kamal Quraishy! !

  • Not Accurate Picture

    The picture is not accurate because 1) elephants are not able to use chainsaws 2) the blade is not proper for that type of tree 3) No hardhat! 4) tree would fall on everything pictured 5) tree is already dead , i.E. Few leaves and most importantly 6) not drawn well.

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