• Yes, the truth is out, and Olivia's in trouble

    Scandal is more intriguing than ever now that everybody
    knows who Olivia’s secret lover was. The cast was also upgraded for this year.
    Gorgeous Jake is a regular character now, so we get to see him on every
    show. Lisa Kudrow has joined the show, too, and gets right in the spirit
    of things. As political drama, with the emphasis on drama, Scandal gets
    better every year. It’s never to be taken seriously, and always a
    great escape.

  • Yes, it's every bit as "good" as last season.

    From having watched a few past seasons of Scandal, I can safely say that the newest season of Scandal is just as good as the previous seasons. Unfortunately, that's not saying much. The show is pretty awful. The acting is wooden, the scripts are stale, and the camera direction is unimaginative.

  • The Show is Meh

    Having watched a few episodes of last season and this season I have to question this programs staying power. I honestly don't find it to be a quality show and I think it should be canceled so we can make room for better options. This season is about the same as the last.

  • No, not quite as good.

    I do not think that this season is quite as good as last season's Scandal. The reason for this is because the characters don't build quite as nicely and I do not like the plot twists nearly as much. It was a great season, but last season was one for the ages.

  • This season of Scandal is not as good as last season.

    This season of Scandal is not as good as last season. The show is still very high in the ratings and I am rooting for it to succeed. However, the production quality is there, the drama is not. It has the ability to be a great show and I hope that it does well.

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