• This is completely redundant

    City and state laws will be enforced on this property. No really? I thought this was the territory of some obscure micronation that you can't even read about on wikipedia or see on any maps cut off from the rest of the United States that had its own separate laws and that city, state, and federal laws didn't apply there.

  • I'm pretty sure this is obvious...

    So why exactly do we need to be told that laws will be enforced in a specific area within a larger area (country) which is mandated to be under the force of the law? This was taken at a school parking lot, seems a bit random to have the sign there, just wondering if I am the only one who think this is random as hell.

  • Is good sign

    Sign is very good, it gives message to people around, without sign people not obey laws. If man does bad, then he didnt read sign. So sign is very much needed to keep area safe. Remember, a wall without a sign is just a fence.
    So sign is good sign.

  • Nu it smart

    As A Gud Scientist I cn tll u tht this sign is complty necessary. I am expect in the field of signtology. Without me this sign would be a wase of tme. Me aso has vry gud splling skillz. Meaning u can trust me even mre.
    -Me Is Smart, PhD

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