• One side can.

    If your a liberal, you can joke about anything you like with little if any repercussions but if your seen as conservative, anything you say can will cause claims outrage.
    A prime example is the difference of how Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee were recently treated.
    Late one night, Roseanne tweeted about Valerie Jarrett "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby." Because Valerie Jarrett is African American, the left jumped to the conclusion that Roseanne was referring to her race as an ape. Whether that was the intent or not, it caused such a media uproar that her very popular relaunched show was canceled.
    Now compare that to Samantha Bee's scripted comments on her show about Ivanka Trump, using profanity, calling her the C word, and make sexual references. She just made a half-hearted apology any that was the end of it. It didn't even stop her from receiving an award for her show for social change.
    Let me get this straight, one person tweets an off the cuff rude comment and gets her show canceled but another airs a scripted rude comment and gets an award.
    Personally, I am not a fan of Roesanne's to say the least and I haven't seen Samantha's show at all but clearly both have/had viewers that did like them yet such a different reaction from the media.

  • Political correctness and social media have taken over

    Now to be pedantic, it is obvious that society at this point can still laugh at some jokes. Everyday there are comedians & comics posting new skits or stand-up videos on video sharing websites, still receiving many positive responses. What we are arguing here today, is that the western world, particularly the United States, have now limited the scope of comedy significantly.

    Many jokes in different genres, such as insult comedy, observational comedy and dark humor, have a victim that is made fun of. This could be either through gender lines, sexuality, race, religion or anything else. We have come to point, as many comics like Bill Burr have noted, that jokes are being censored or significantly criticized by the victimized group when the jokes comes out in the open. These jokes suddenly transform into statements of opinions, such as the "misogynistic" comments by Bill Burr or the "homophobic" comments by Tracy Morgan where he said he would kill his son if he turns out gay. This cannot be taken at face value, as they are jokes that many in the population still take a good laugh at, even if you think they are stupid unfunny jokes. When there is an overreaction to a harmless joke, you effectively limit the potential of comedy to society as comedians have to adapt. The comedians have confirmed the experience of policing by certain groups which creates the need to be politically correct. While I believe politicians and other decision makers should not be making these statements, comedians should be given scope to play around with the possibilities of comedy.

    Another factor that limits our ability to joke, is the advent of social media. A few people have had their lives or careers ruined from their actions on social media. While some may be justified, others also stem from an overreaction that easily snowballs from social media. Just as silly memes have become entrenched in internet circles, shared to thousands and thousands of people around the world, a joke on a slightly sensitive topic could easily snowball of control when shared around through social media.

    So what we see is a progression of comedians avoiding certain topics, due to fear of offending certain groups, and also the eye of social media that restricts people to make certain jokes in fear of uncontrolled sharing and reprisals. Clearly, society is not able to take jokes as it used to.

  • Can't joke anymore

    This society don't seem to find anything funny and are too serious
    The kids of today prefer memes and social media bullying over a joke you could make in a conversation.

    If you joke about someone's skin or religion or even clothing. It becomes a big drama but if they say it to a white person and they take offence. They just laugh at you and if you report it. It isn't considered racist or rude just your overactive.

    It bollocks one rule for them and one for you. Equality act has ruined human sense of humour and msde it a crime and outkast wording.

  • Ya got it all wrong jack

    Joking is a form of media, and media changes with societies, memes and references and weird nonsense are this new generations joking. And as for "overly-sensitive" people who can't take a joke...I mean come on you can't expect someone to laugh at a joke you make about their dead mother who they really miss, it hurts, its not somethin that brings them joy or makes em happy.

  • Don't be ridiculous

    Of course people can still take a joke-- if they couldn't, why would comedy be such a huge part of entertainment? It's just that nowadays people don't find blatant bigotry funny anymore, since it just unfairly beats down specific groups of people.
    Sure, there are people who get too offended over things that don't affect them, but this is a minority. To be clear, if you aren't part of a minority group that is targeted by a joke, you can't determine whether people in that group find it offensive or not.

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